FTC Confessions


My local McDonald’s does a 2-for-1 deal. I don’t really want two, but…okay, twist my arm.


If you’re not putting ketchup on your potato, egg & cheese sandwich, then you, madam, are missing out. Big time.


LOL. I don’t even dip fries in the stuff! Mayo for that.


And if a person puts ketchup in cocktail sauce, then they are just missing out. And just missing it. Period.


In your always humble opinion, of course. Care to share your oh-so-superior one. Unlike some people, I’m always open to others’ ideas. … :slight_smile:


Get the McDonald’s app.

They run surprise specials for the FoF that only app users get notified about.


I just ate a mcrib. #immediateregret


I feel your pain. I make this mistake once a decade. Not to rub it in, but there is also the opportunity cost of missing out on a FoF.


i got hoodwinked by my local non-participating mcds. i realized too late they were only offering the mcrib in their 2 for 5 deal and not the fof. i hate myself.


Ouch. That’s just so wrong.


Just as an aside. Don’t EVER try to eat a McRib while in the car. Even if you’re not the driver, it’s going to be a mess. We made that mistake once many years ago.


ITT: McRib amateurs


If hating the McRib is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


I love the breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks. Not just they’ll do in a pinch. Love. I could happily eat one every morning, and I do have one at least once a week. Most higher end breakfast sandwiches are too big and bready and greasy for me but Starbucks’ are just right. Egg white spinach feta wrap is my favorite but sometimes I branch out.


I have never had egg foo young in my life and conceptually it doesn’t even make sense to me.


Okay, I’m about 150 posts behind on this thread, but I just had to stop to post about this. Have you had the breakfast burrito at JitB? It’s actually pretty decent. I also think JitB has fried mozzarella sticks, which is great when you need a vehicle to deliver fried batter + ranch dressing to your mouth.

Okay, I’m now only ~60 posts behind.

Ohmigod, we recently discovered TJ’s brioche slices b/c of the other post about brioche (was it @Bookwich who was asking about them). We are in love. I just eat the bread straight from the bag sometimes b/c it’s much easier than eating butter.

Partner loves bread pudding. Will have to look at the recipe…

Okay, now I’m about 1 wk behind.

Not the current one, I imagine?

Can someone explain the nirvana that is the FoF to me? I adore McD’s hashbrowns (which I think I last had a yr ago), but FoF completely confuses and befuddles me.


No, I can’t explain it. I have one maybe once a year or less often. There’s just this little tingle from the past.


squish+crunch+tartar sauce


+yellow cheese product #becausemurica