FTC Confessions


Yesterday I ate:

  • Two bags of salad (with Hidden Valley Ranch)
  • A handful of TJ’s Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
  • 2 and 3/4 frozen orange/chocolate milano cookies

Today has been much the same, though swap in peppermint/chocolate milanos.


The condiment I use most frequently is Branston Pickle :thinking:


Because it tastes good.


Hah! Same.


We had a fabulous lunch today. 2# of Penn Cove mussels straight from Penn Cove a few feet away on Whidbey Island, a ferry ride from Seattle. The plans were then to go someplace ‘good’ for dinner. But after all that plus two baskets of super toasted garlic bread, we just weren’t in the mood. So we’re going to have MW’d WCBs (White Castle Burgers)! Do I win a prize?!?!? LOL


White Castle. Are they up north? Oh I see the abbreviation microwave. Good for you. Sounds great


Frozen, darling. Only frozen :slight_smile:

PS: Do I remember that you spent time in Mt. Shasta?


I’m living in Mount Shasta now. I used to get them Frozen in Santa Cruz.


We are trying to decide if we want to spend a night there on our way back to Reno/Tahoe. Is there anyplace decent for dinner? We have friends who would join us and we’ve had decent lunch stuff. Should we take this to another thread?


There is Lucille’s, and the treehouse, in Mount Shasta City. It’s just okay. Not a lot Happening food-wise Here. It’s a nice town, Mount Shasta is right here. Personally I like the lunch in Dunsmuir at the brewery. It’s about 7 minutes down Highway 5 South. Great food


Our friends live on the west side of 5, quite a ways up. Their home is glorious and looks straight out at the mountain. She’s also a wonderful cook and ‘diner’ so I’m sure she’ll come up with something. Thanks, em.


Me on Saturday:

Me on Thursday:


How many El Scorcho hot sauce packets you hoarding?


If moving out of the big city means more n/Naka, then I’m thinking you came out okay.


2 per taco and 1 for all the debris. Also, after I discovered inferno, I stopped getting del scorcho

i basically traded in all my normal dining out trips for 1 quarterly trip.


I can’t imagine wanting to eat one of those ways every day. But then I’m not trump!


That’s okay. I’ve developed a Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup habit, not seen since I was 7 yrs old.


I’ve missed you.


I like them both together


That would be stealing her joy.