FTC Confessions


I like them both, which seems to be a recurring theme of mine.


I thought Cocktail Sauce was ketchup with horseradish.


My version also includes lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.


Total East Coast thing, that and Chop Suey. I don’t think it’s even been in my consciousness since living in L.A.


…and this




She’s eating again!


My confession today? I’ve never had a McRib sandwich.


chop suey to me is a bar in little tokyo.


I’ve only had one – more accurately about 1/3 of one. It was more than enough.


Truth. I’ll order 13 with their burritos. Burns soooo gooooood.


Dinner Tuesday was Kraft Mac & Cheese with extra butter and little baby pepperoni slices mixed in along with frozen pretzel dogs. My lovely bride was sick and wanted the mac. Pretzel dogs were my genius idea.

Dinner last night was frozen chicken tenders and tater tots with Hormel chili (no beans) and cheese. I mixed hoisin and chili past to dip my tenders. Kids loved it, but I hated myself before I even started eating.

I’m trying to figure out what to do for tonight. Wife is working late, and I have three kids. @Ns1 has me thinking Del Taco…


All of those sound just wonderful! We’ve now discovered some breakfast places that have tater tots with country gravy. One Sunday AM when in Seattle we went for dim sum and then to this sports bar with the tater tots. We were slightly queasy afterward having had chicken feet plus the tots and gravy :slight_smile:


I should say so…


it is soft chicken taco thursday…


Think again.


I did the Epic Carne Asada Burrito and was disappointed. My bad.


I’ve looked at recipes for cocktail sauce from many sources over the years, including my go-to at Serious Eats. Perhaps we can do away with the cryptography and you can enlighten us all on the “right” way to do this.


We wait with bated breath :slight_smile:


Roast your tomatoes (halved), then blend with freshly grated horseradish.

None of that bottled ketchup stuff. Save that for fries and scrambled eggs.