FTC Confessions


Oh… no. Thar’s getting too close to :flushed: time for me.


Is that because you don’t like it, or is that because “it’s just not done”? If it’s truly a matter of preference, I totally get it.

I know it touches a nerve with some. I used to be hung up on having things the “right way”, whatever that means. I finally realized that life is too short to have so many rules. I’ve moved to an “if it tastes good, eat it” philosophy. I’m just not sure why some get so offended by a condiment.

I also like Chicago dogs and Tijuana street dogs. I’ve even had them with peanut butter, chili past and hoisin (delicious, by the way).


Well… I don’t know that there are any food things where the concept of ‘it’s not done’ would cause me to have a weird feeling in my stomach. I can’t tell which emoji actually wound up in my post, but those little red marks at each side if the face weren’t in what I used, so ???

Anyone can eat whatever they wish. I’ve travelled a lot and seen many, many things I didn’t think I’d be able to handle, only to try them and survive. I’ve never liked ketchup on a hot dog, though I I know people who do, and I’d be OK too. It’s the mayo!! Something just off about its flavor on a dog being really tough to get past. YMMV obviously.


Fair enough. Ain’t it great to have options.


And wouldn’t it be boring — and expensive — if we all liked the same things???


Love mayo and ketchup on dogs . Especially if you can get curry ketchup .


…I actually like ketchup, mayo & mustard. The mustard cuts the sweetness of the ketchup and the fat of the mayo. I put everything on top of the hotdog, then turn the dog upside down in the bun, so that goopy mess stays where it should.


Sara Lee Poundcake

Hamburger Helper

Cheap steak with pan drippings over rice with A-1

Von’s Fried Chicken


I have a dish that I was introduced to on a camping trip years ago, and the kids love it as a quick dinner once in (a great) while.

One pound meat balls.
One pound kielbasa (or any other meat combo you like).
One jar hot salsa.
One jar grape (or whatever) jelly.

Heat all on the stove, or let it sit in a slow cooker for a few hours. Serve over white rice.


I marinade my BBQ chicken in Wishbone Italian Dressing. I discovered it when we rented a bungalow w/kitchen & BBQ for a weekend. There wasn’t much of a selection at the local store. The chicken came out perfectly and everyone was raving :blush:. At home now, I marinate it overnight in a spice rub & Wishbone, cook slow/low on the Weber and add BBQ sauce toward the end.

Another BBQ confession. I use jarred BBQ sauce (Marshalls) and gussy it up with pan drippings, cayenne, smoked paprika and Trader Joe’s Orange Champagne Vinegar.


True story.

I dress my salad with Wishbone Italian Dressing sometimes.

Guess I’ve doing it wrong all these years. Silly me.


Very funny



McDonalds Vanilla Cone


Just one?


I do at least two. Double-fisted, alternating, like pumping iron.


OH yes. Yeeessss…

The perfect easy summer thing.

“Siri, where is the closest Mcdonalds?”

And, we’re off!


You need to move to Chile.




Love The Hat
Hate Chipotle
Love Tito’s
Hate Del Taco
Love Corn Dogs
Hate Jerry’s Deli
Love The Original Pancake House


Once a month or so, when I don’t feel like cooking, I enjoy a box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. I doctor it up with some extra sharp cheddar, and a drizzle of ketchup, but NOT MIXED IN! It must be drizzled on top, so there’s a tangy bit in each creamy bite.

I also enjoy Shake n’ Bake pork chops, with packaged scalloped potatoes. The pork seasoning is SO CRISPY AND YUMMY. I didn’t taste it until I was in my 30s- a boyfriend made it for dinner for me- it’s a monthly thing now. I kept the craving and ditched the boyfriend. My mom was too good for packages.

Otherwise, I’m normal, I swear.


[quote=“wienermobile, post:59, topic:3927”]
[/quote]You triggered another confession of mine. I kinda’ love IHOP. Much to my 6 yr old godson’s delight.