FTC Confessions


Whenever I have a fantastic meal. I want potato chips and junk food right after.


That’s a fantastic meal right there.


My company Christmas party was at Panda Inn…and the honey walnut shrimp was actually delightful…everything else took a dive South so I guess it evens out?


We’ve just discovered Pirates Bootie! Hooked!!!


I guess that my contribution to this must be Berri’s Cafe’s lobster pizza…it’s not really a lobster pizza, more of a shrimp pizza with lobster sauce… it costs $50 after tip and tax regardless…and apparently, according to my brother, it’s not really that great and it’s “extremely surprising” that I enjoy eating it at 3 AM while plastered on natural wine and/or sour beer with relative frequency.

Idk…there is just something about how thin it is, how bread-stick like, the strange tangy lobster sauce, chunks of shrimp, and gooey cheese…like tacos gobernador turned into a New York pizza. It makes no sense really, but for some reason, it tastes absolutely marvelous at times to me.


I buy $5 kids pepperoni pizzas from Pitfire with no shame. It’s the same amount of dough as an adult pizza, just a smaller finished product.

Hell, all of Pitfire’s kids menu is great for cheap adults.


Never ignore the Strauss soft serve at Pitfire !!!


I am a complete sucker for any hot dog related snacks at asian bakeries.

Also Wetzel Dogs lol


I’m a weakling.

I get the Smothered Cookie @ Pitfire.

Because soft serve is always better with a chocolate chip cookie. And chocolate chip cookies are always better with Strauss anything.


We found Auntie Anne’s pretzel dogs at Target last week. I probably like them more than I should.


Me, too! Likely because I enjoy a good hot dog from time to time.


I buy the 3lb bags of Haribo gummy bears and take the white ones out and hide them for myself.


You are a heathen…and my hero.




Hey that’s tantamount to Gummibärchen discrimination!


Sprouts occasionally has their gummy bears on sale for $1.99/lb. They come in 12 delightful flavors…I buy the full 5 lb. bag because I want to ensure that I’m the only one to have touched the gummy bears since they’ve been packaged. I also vacu-seal them to keep them fresh after opening the bag.


… in @thechez5’s belly!


Only German-made (not anywhere else) Haribo brand gummibarchen will do…


I wait until they are .99-1.59/lb. I don’t feel so bad then. They go down every few weeks, which is a good thing for me!


(1.) I thought The Last Jedi was good.

(3.) I don’t really love Broguiere’s egg nog.

(4.) I can’t count.