FTC Confessions


My friend took me out to Republique last night. Dinner was very good especially the filet and potato/leek beignets. He was full and we didn’t get any dessert. On the way home I wanted to stop at Leo’s Taco truck for a few pastor tacos but I felt guilty for being an animal. Well the truth is the line was really long otherwise I would have stopped.


That’s because it was good.

And to make it food related, uh, where in LA can I find some of that green milk Luke was having???


That pesky late-night line has saved me from myself many a time.


May the farce be wit you.


I ate fancy cheese and charcuterie and wine last night, it was so very good.

Then I went to Blaze Pizza because the little ones playing video games were hungry, and I got myself a pineapple-pepperoncini pizza. It was also very good.


Until today, I thought fish maw was fish collar or cheek.


Isn’t it paw’s better half?


Well, I did find one that helped me replicate part of my grandmother’s cooking “Love and Knishes.”

Helped me match her chicken soup and, her cheese blintzes…


I’m blessed with multiple inexpensive taco truck options near my abode. I have a hard time resisting grabbing a couple of tacos as a snack even if it’s super late or I just came back from dinner.

It doesn’t help that Taco Tamix added a new truck near me and they make a great al pastor taco for only $1.25.


Spent $21 for 2 people at JitB yesterday - didn’t even know that was possible. Evidently a large sourdough jack meal w/ curly fries is almost $9 all in these days.


I went to Carl’s Jr a few weeks ago because I was hungry, passing by, and thought a Western Bacon Cheeseburger sounded good (I used to love them back in the day!). A regular size combo set me back just over $10. Pretty ridiculous for a “just ok” fast food meal. No wonder they are never busy!


Yeah. And look at the “meals” at McDs. We get what used to be a buck and now is a bit more. A McDouble or a McChicken, small fries and share a $1 drink. And, of course, we can get senior drinks, i.e., IIRC 87 cents :slight_smile: I not only want it to be fast but also cheap.


I went last week. Their Original Six Dollar is now over $7. I know they call most of those Thickburgers now, ala Hardee’s, but it might be time to retire that name altogether. The Western Bacon CB I got was $6.20 (including tax).

A Double Double for under $4 is making In-N-Out a better option than ever, not that it was ever anywhere near a bad option.


Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s are the same company. Just the names are different regionally. I remember them being Hardee’s in the Midwest.

We don’t do fast food too often, but if we do, it’s either Chick Fil A or INO. My daughter likes to call them “fancy fast food”. Both have good QPR.


CFA opened in Reno within the last year and I SO want one. But their continued anti-LGBTQ actions keep me away. I thought they had improved but someone on this site showed me otherwise.


That’s pretty much our only fast food. Unless we are at an airport early in the morning then McDonald’s breakfast. We have Shake Shack once a year too but would go more often if we had some in the OC.


Yes, I know. That’s why I referenced them.


FWIW, my cousin and her wife both eat there. I don’t go often, but I don’t feel all that bad when I do. YMMV.


I have several LGBT friends and family members who don’t have a problem eating at CFA. Unless I saw the local franchise owner/manager doing or saying something I didn’t condone, I don’t really have an issue with it.

Every major company out there donates money to various causes and I’m not going to agree with every one they support. United Way, the (American) Red Cross, and Salvation Army come to mind immediately, among many others. If I stopped giving my business to any company that supports one (or all) of those companies, I wouldn’t be buying anything anywhere.

To take it back to food, I wish someone other than Carl’s Jr. sold fried zucchini, and someone other than JITB sold fried jalapeno poppers. It’s annoying that those aren’t available at more fast food places.


Sorry, misread your post.

I’ve never had Shake Shack! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and have been meaning to try it, but if I’m getting out of the SFV, it’s not for a burger.