FTC Confessions


No worries. :slight_smile:

I went to the Hollywood location a few months ago and was completely underwhelmed. I respect the people on FTC, and that will probably get me back in for another try.


I think I went to one in Las Vegas about 5 years ago . It’s just a burger like anywhere else. But what I was impressed by was the Hamm’s beer for a dollar on ice.


Around 2.5x more expensive than In N Out. Burgers and fries are both better. Cheese fries are the way to go. The cheese is a sauce and not a piece of yellow cheese that congeals 10 seconds after coming out of the steamer. The chicken sandwich is very small but worth ordering. I did not experience the salt lick that many have complained about.

The biggest reason I like Shake Shack is they serve alcohol and their custard is excellent.


Looking back over last year’s financial stuff I’ve realized there were weeks - sometimes several in a row - where we spent more money on fresh groceries for animals in our care than we spent on human food. (Not counting the “pet food” we also buy.)

Along the same related-to-animals topic, the only time I buy and cook meat now is when we have species here that needs it as part of their diet. (And to head off the inevitable question - which is valid, btw, - yes, I do have qualms about the ethics of using the meat of one animal to feed another.)

Other random confessions:
I’ve come to the conclusion I tend to make very non-photogenic food; it tastes good, but for the life of me it doesn’t photograph well. Of course, as my partner points out, we’re currently dealing with “morgue-light” in the kitchen, which makes pretty much everything look, well, unappetizing.

A coworker gifted my partner one of those very fancy chestnut panettones from Eataly. I wish the coworker hadn’t been so generous as the damn thing is really, really addictive and I absolutely cannot justify spending money on such things. Maybe.

My mother went to Japan. She brought me many food gifts. I’ve no idea what most of them are and she couldn’t recall. I need to take photos and post them here so y’all can tell me all about these goodies.

I’m really happy to see @TheCookie posting again.


I, too, am happy to see @TheCookie back amongst us.
@ElsieDee my cousin has lighting issues with her posts, too…everything is twinged with yellow.
Shake Shack is one of the beefiest fast food-style burgers I’ve ever had, but I’m not willing to go out of my way to get it. In-N-Out takes care of my needs just fine and the price is right. But I will agree with @js76wisco that the custard is good.
I am curious if the lookalike they serve at select Costco locations is any good…don’t live near any of those locations as well.
For some unknown reason, I’ve been on a burger kick lately. Really enjoyed the burger from Burger Parlor in Fullerton last week. Going to try VaKa Burgers later this week.


I really :heart: this woman!


Why thank you @attran99! Good to be back.

That was the first time I’ve read someone describe Shake Shack as the beefiest. Must be the reason for all the love. I need to try one soon.

I know! I’ve had more in the last year than I’ve had in my life.

:hamburger: :fries: :icecream:


I have a pretty short list of places I boycott. Simply my personal decision.


To each their own but imo you aren’t missing much


i love Ferrero Rocher chocolates so much. i prefer them over all the fancy chocolates out there.


It’s one of those foods out of my past having grown up in Atlanta. I’ve thought about having one and then making a donation to an LGBTQ group :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea @catholiver! I agree that you can go nuts trying to keep track of companies- but supporting conversion therapy is a deal-breaker for me.


churches chicken



Awesome. My dad worked for Heublein Liquor in their heyday. Hamm’s was the only beer in our house.


Mixed emotions. I’m with you. But people rave about
Chick-fil-A being sooo crave worthy.

I read a funny op-ed piece by a gay NYU student about protesting CFA being on campus. He wrote that he grew up in the south and loved him some CFA. But he got right on board with the boycotting, picketing and petitions - then admitted his will was broken after 2 months and went and wolfed one down.

So my question is: am I a hypocrite if I try one then never go there again? :relaxed:


No more than if I have one and then mea culpa with a donation :slight_smile: I’d have probably already done it but the lines are still long here.


I did not know that! Haven’t had Church’s in a long time. We’ve become a Popeye’s family. More consistent product, at least at the one I pick up from.


Those ______’s Burgers aka The Southern California Diner in Orange County have big fried zucchini sticks sprinkled with parm and dipped in ranch sauce is quite the guilty pleasure. Paul’s Place is probably the most well known.

I think Crisscut/Waffle fries are better than French!!!

Fig Newtons. If I am not careful I could destroy a whole row of these!

I love cheap pepperoni.


the chicken tenders @ Churchs are the way to go IMO and are superior to Popeye’s. But Popeyes has $1.99 tuesdays + RBR, so there’s that.