FTC Confessions


We’ve not made our tortillas but Bob recently fried some up for chips and they were exceptionally good.


Second option: Open can of chili. Heat in microwave with block of cream cheese. Dump on top of chips. No garnish needed.


No mention of growing corn, harvesting salmon, hunting for truffles (raise/train dog/hog to find truffles), etc. Fail. :smiley::joy::wink:


Growing up it was not optional: cottage cheese and - if we were living the high life - a sprinkling of parm cheese from the store version of the green can.

The ketchup was a given, of course.


Dammit, I bought all the wrong stuff. Nachos are so complicated.


I have a strange addiction to the Mac Jr at McD - it’s the perfect size to be powered by nostalgia yet not so big as to become a regrettable decision.


I’m going for the Le Grand next time I’m in. The Big Mac was my rite of passage burger when I was a kid. It will always have a place in my heart… and belly.


The Big Mac is the best version of the Big Mac, if that makes sense. It carries a lot of nostalgia for me as well.


Flour tortillas from Loqui + butter + bagged shredded “Fiesta” cheese blend from the grocery store + habanero sauce = :heart:


That middle piece of bread kills me as an adult.


Extra sauce cures that for me.


We had them recently and I removed that middle piece.


Drag. That middle piece is what makes it for me.


I spent $11 today at McDonalds today - large Grand Mac meal and a vanilla cone. Took out the middle piece of bread. Think I’ll stick with the Mac Jr next time.

Also, the new $3 classic chicken sandwich is crap.


I need to study their menu. Not familiar with either a “grand” or a “junior.” Since 99% of our McD meals are from drive-thru we tend to stick with McDoubles and McChickens. Not messy to eat in the car.


I actually got a Big Mac combo on Friday for this very reason. I was starving and pressed for time, and McD’s is a few blocks from my work, so I went through the drive-thru. I had an errand to run afterwards, so I just parked my car in the parking lot and ate in the car. I have to admit, it totally hit the spot. I do like to add ketchup to mine though (1 packet’s worth). And I like to dip my fries in their sweet & sour sauce, which is the best sweet & sour sauce in the world.

My combo cost me $8.60, which was more than what I was expecting, but I didn’t realize the price of the combo is now $7.89 or something like that. I remember them being around $6.29…


@boogiebaby Shoot…I remember when it was $5…Mom would take us for McDonald’s treats at those prices back in the day.


I remember back in the day they had $1 or was it $1.99 Big Mac specials. I think in competition with the Whopper (which I actually like with the raw onion!)


LOL. Two of our grands, aged 2 and 6, have never to their parents’ knowledge had fast food!


@JeetKuneBao That’s right…there was a burger war back then. Whopper vs. Big Mac. I remember that promotional pricing, too.