FTC Confessions


The middle piece does totally make it for me. What I found out after the years is there not putting enough sauce on the burger. Their secret sauce. And become a little more dry. I like the sauce.


I really love these comments. Here are some of you who eat at the finest places anywhere but can precisely critique McDs :slight_smile:


The shredded lettuce makes the Big Mac special.


The Big Mac is Micky D’s gestalt bullseye.


I eat cereal for dinner at least once a week. And yes, I live by myself :laughing::sob:


It’s definitely a synergy thing. For me, there’s nothing on it that doesn’t contribute to its appeal. I always ask for extra sauce.

This cracked me up. I had a flashback to a certain SNL skit.


You like the da sauce? So good, da sauce! :grin:




I spent $30 on myself today at Jinya. Because fuck it.


His name was Crispy…


Head of the pata clan.


Fig Newtons in Sriracha sounds a bit point/counter point to me, but I’m also the person who eats her cottage cheese with salsa on it, catsup in a pinch if there no salsa around.


Apparently this is confession worthy to some… I absolutely HATE Hawaiian style teriyaki, but I loooove the kinda salty and not-as-sweet Japanese style teriyaki.


Today’s confession–or satisfaction–was opening a new jar of crunchy salted peanut butter and giving it that first stir. I’ll never go “no stir”!


Okay, I totally get this. I like Thai and Japanese curries, but strongly dislike Indian curries. One of my least favorite people at my last job was someone that brought in Trader Joe’s “Indian” frozen meals. Every. Freakin. Day.


I… I would do that.


I just picked up my monthly takeout order of zuppa toscana and breadsticks from Olive Garden.


We haven’t had this in many years but thought it was great. The soup. I wan’t too thrilled with the breadsticks but Bob’s more a bread fan than I.



I also am not a big fan of Indian curries but love Thai and Japaneshe curries.

And I had a coworker who would always bring in Trader Joe’s Tikka Masala.


I survived on their soup/salad/breadsticks (along with way too much Top Ramen) when I first graduated from college. If you went in at lunch, they would give them free with purchase of an entree. I would save the entree for dinner. It was a real treat at the time.