FTC Confessions


A few people would beg to disagree…per the likes I received on the referenced comment.




In addition to two mugs of very bad coffee, today I have consumed:

  • Orange juice
  • An orange
  • A tangerine
  • Some carrots
  • A chunk of cheap cheddar cheese
  • A handful of stale Cheetoes

I’m wondering if my body wants beta-carotene or whatever it is that makes orange things orange (with the exception of the Cheetoes, which I’m guessing have very little nutritional content) or if I’m so tired that my attention is being grabbed by the bright orange color.


Well, you don’t have to worry about scurvy.


I like these. A lot. Especially doused in chili crisp.



Should this also make the Trader Joe’s thread?


Good to know. I’ve seen them but haven’t bought them. Yet. Thanks.


Done! :grin:


So would styrofoam.


This is true.


I missed the “chili crisp” part. What is that?


I’m guessing @thechez5 was referring to this:

Edited to add
This is sweet:

And this is interesting (I think that maybe someone else linked to this article elsewhere on FTC or maybe on HO):


Why does Lao Gan Ma look so sad? She should be happy that woman is probably a millionaire.


Because she is called lao (in Chinese lao means old).


I act like I hate In N Out but when I’m actually eating a burger from there, I freaking love it. It has to have copious amounts of chopped chilies and spread, though. Also, raw onions only, no cheese, and no lettuce. Sometimes I fry an egg and stick it in there.

Oh, and my In N Out is across the street from McDonald’s so I get fries from there because fuck In N Out fries.


I’ve been to Whole Foods four times in eight days to get polenta and fried mushrooms from the breakfast bar. It’s a new discovery, and I’d rather drive there in the morning than cook it myself.


I may be a very small percentage that really enjoys there fries. They are delicious.


They taste fishy to me. And they don’t have that crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside texture that I enjoy. :slightly_frowning_face:


I didn’t know they had a breakfast bar. It’s usually our last stop on an errand day. Will have to check it out. Thanks.


You have to order the fried well-done, then add salt, then use ketchup with more salt sprinkled on the ketchup. You can also swirl them through ketchup and mustard. The trick is to eat them hot and crispy.

I like them, but I like McDonald’s fries too. Same m.o.