FTC Confessions


There is no hack on the planet that can make those INO fries palatable.
I’m not saying you don’t make some improvements with your methods, but that is one turd that can not be polished enough.


Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean I can’t. I don’t like hamburgers, but I don’t make comments about how disgusting they are.


fries well done and 2 sides of spread beg to differ.

I’ve never had a Mexican breakfast, e.g. heuvos rancheros, chilaquiles. Where do I start?


With menudo on Sunday! Our fave place adds some hominy to it.


I just really like the starchy potato they use. It exudes potato flavor IMO. Other fries in this genre taste generic and lack that potato flavor, almost cardboard like.

I wish all places used the potato that In n Out sources.


My apologies if you were offended. I took your extreme hack as a sign that you, too, thought INO fries were pretty terrible iterations of one of the world’s great foods. I judge the food, not the eater.


If you’re asking me directly, I’m flattered you think I’m the guy to ask. I think @Dommy would be the board expert!

That said, I kinda think you nailed it. Those two dishes are pretty bedrock. I’d add menudo and machaca with eggs to the list. I also like Huevos divorciados because why have one sauce when you can have two. I also encounter a lot of basic stews that are served with eggs for breakfast and that works for me.

So Taqueria Los Anaya is kinda perfect for chilaquiles.

If you can make it to El Sinaloense in Huntington Park for machaca con Huevos or their chilorio, do it. Their machaca is like a while different thing than most machaca. And their refried beans are skyfather level delicious.

But I am certain I know less than .1% of what good Mexican breakfasts are all about.


Oh my… You are in for a ride because in Mexico Breakfast is a MAJOR meal so there is a lot to choose from. So it depends on if you like eggs for breakfast or something more with protein. There are sweets as well. More than anything it’s hard to find a Mexican restuarnt that is open for breakfast. But when you do, even just simple eggs with potato or ham is just so delicious. :slight_smile:


The Chilaquiles at Loteria are pretty classic


I second that. They make excellent chilaquiles.


How is this possible?


because I can’t stop ordering corned beef hash.


Taqueria Zamora in Santa Ana, if you’re down this way. Chilaquiles (red or green), machaca, chorizo, oh my! It’s all good here, and they greet this gringo with a hug when I go in. Love this place.

Also, Early Bird in Fullerton has great carnitas chilaquiles, but not what I’d call traditional. Even more far afield, but spectacular is the chilaquiles at Anepalco (both locations). Just an OC perspective.


But do you eat menudo?!?!? LOL. Bob and I love it!




Yes. Not often. There’s a lot of other stuff I like.


Oh whew. Good. I didn’t want my respect for you to lessen :slight_smile:


They’re Kennebec potatoes. I know Tom Colicchio uses them at some of his places and they can make killer fries.


Ludo Lefevbre and Michael Cimarusti use Kennebecs to make their fries, too. I believe Ludo soaks then in water for 24 hours as part of his process.



Make sure to get them with chorizo!