FTC Confessions


You’re dead to me.


The house that Orange Chicken built!


Rewards work better than punishment. Just My 2 Cents.


Canola oil probably.


Now that’s a real confession.


They’re the equivalent of “a mama burger”.


I’m still trying to figure out how you’ve never had a candy bar.


McNuggets + rice + butter.


Totally agree. But IMO it’s not an either/or proposition.


Mmm hmm gurl… their ranch dressing is good.


What? That should be the confession.


Really? Now I must try it.


I can only take twice a year. Because I start thinking about how gross his B.M.s must be.


Now that I will try!


Ah Hah!!!


I eat peanut butter everyday.


Thanks — that never occurred to me before you mentioned it, and it doesn’t conjure up a pretty image.


You’re welcome


I made tuna casserole last night. And O.L.D. recipe of my cousin’s back in Atlanta probably 40 years ago. A can of tuna, a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, about as many green peas as soup, grated cheddar cheese. “Cooked” at 425 for 20 minutes covered, then uncovered while we cooked the egg noodles. Darn tasty…to the point that I won’t wait another 40 years :slight_smile:


A Facebook friend of mine just posted tuna noodle casserole as something he had to eat as a child, but would never go near as an adult. I haven’t had it in years but would certainly give it a whirl again.