FTC Confessions


Hmm, I seem to remember someone here praising those. Their turkey tetrazzini is my go-to for lots of things.


Yesterday I had my first bite of République‘s food, but still have not set food inside. Oh, and I live less than a mile away.

Banana Nutella Crostata & Creme brûlée Cheescake

Man that woman can bake! :kissing_closed_eyes: The cheesecake was particularly scrumptious.


@TheCookie That looks delightful! I need to get my husband to stop by on his way home from work in the morning and bring me pastries. Margarita’s plated desserts are great, too…I ordered the white chocolate sabayon with meringue, fresh berries, and strawberry sorbet. I don’t even like white chocolate, and it was so good. My oldest called the dessert beautiful…something he’s never called food before after seeing and tasting it.


That’s awesome! Good on you. I adopted my boy 5 years ago and he’s the sweetest.

And to keep this related to food confessions, I haven’t been able to eat rabbit meat since I adopted my bunny.


Hi @attran99 -

That’s how I got mine. He was at the hardware store across the street and decided to pop in.

I was just looking at that on the menu. Your son is cute. I had a feeling it would be pretty. Similar to Floating Islands?

I woke up craving the Creme Brûlée Cheescake this morning.

Guess we’ll have to go and sit down for a meal soon.


I don’t even have a bunny and I have mixed feelings. But occasionally… :woman_shrugging:


@TheCookie the sabayon was more like a super light and airy mousse studded with fresh berries, crisp pieces of meringue, and topped with the sorbet. There wasn’t any sauce to give the Il Flottante feel.


Omgosh, that is so crazy to me. I have to drive over five miles to get our Republique baguettes and pain au choclat!

You go have yourself a nice cassoulet and get back to us. :kissing_heart:


No… Oh MY, Omgosh… I made a confession that surprises you! :relaxed:

I have a few reasons for not having been… but none of them really good.


Okay, you’re right. What am I thinking?


I adopted a bunny so that I could eat rabbit meat.


Wait, we can do that?


Fresh is best.

Although I must admit, I prefer it dry-aged. But no more than 10 days. Too gamey.


Oh I do have a tin of sardines on the side with it once in a while. I like the wild planet one from Costco. Although I’m trying a new brand from Costco, our trip there this week, I noticed the new brand next to the wild planet one. It was also sustainable, line caught, etc. Curious how this taste. It was the same price, so no QPR factor to take into consideration.

Oh! that’s a good idea. Costco sells big packages of nori sheets also. I was tempted to pick up a pack this last trip but wasn’t sure I could go through it fast enough. It’d make for a healthy snack at work though.


My son had a physically very rough week, so I am babying him.


i had domino’s today


I played Jenga.


Strawberries topped with whipped cream, crushed dry ramen noodles and soup base powder for garnish?


A piping hot bowl of Top Ramen topped with sliced strawberries and whipped cream?


“Take the Top Ramen but if you touch my strawberries, I’ll put the whipped cream in your mouth outta this can from your other end.”


I had only one beer at Father’s Office the other night.


How dare you.