FTC Confessions


Dilly dilly.


Hanging head in shame.


Ketchup on pan fried trout . No not the grocery store variety . Fresh out of the mc cloud river . Season is open


e, you SHOULD confess to that. KETCHUP on fresh caught trout?!?!?!?! LOL. I gather it’s spring there.


I have to confess. There’s more trout here and fresh Water than snails in your backyard. But don’t tell nobody


This is why we :heart:️ you.

I miss Oregon so much.


I didn’t realize there was such a thing as fresh water ketchup. Or much less a ketchup “season”


As you may recall, we have friends in Shasta. (West of the freeway, up high enough that they look straight across to the mountain.) Your secret is safe with me.


Of corse not. Asphalt and concrete . I love L A


Is this your new residence? Santa Cruz ain’t nothing to shake a stick at but…


It is. It was time to get out after 61 years . I’ll still visit from time to time . It is still my home town.


That area of the state is stunning. Shasta that is. As is Santa Cruz. But, yeah, em, we like to have adventures. And we’re older than you!!!


At times, I salt my buttered bread. Which is buttered with salted butter.


L. O. L. Our butter is unsalted but adding salt to the toasted bread is exquisite.


I had to Google “urinal cake” earlier.


Still my favorite part is the skin and crispy tail fin .


I love the Daphne’s chain for some reason. Mostly the gyros, pita, and Fire Feta dip.



Hey, at least Daphne’s is a “real” restaurant.

I’ve just discovered that the Wendy’s Mediterranean salad is the BOMB (at least to me :yum:) and am now gushing about it, with embarrassed joy, to all I meet. (And you can get a half size! :+1: )



Wendy’s menu is a veritable landmine, with the occasional gold nugget hidden amidst.