FTC Confessions


I use the term “man food” to describe hearty, rustic types of food, usually involving big hunks of meat. Even if those hunks get chopped up (carne asada, anyone?)

But I don’t think of it as a derogatory term, just descriptive. I’m a fairly experienced cook, but I’m not good with meat at all. It takes a certain skill that I don’t have.

I went through a phase, but once I had it figured out, I was done. I just liked the challenge. These days I only make pretty basic stuff, cookies, cakes, etc., for the boy’s lunches or after-school snacks.

Maybe you should fill your Kitchenaid bowl with fruit and flowers and use it as a decorative piece? :slight_smile:


I’m so tempted to get those attachments. But I don’t deserve them, seeing as the kitchenaid has turned into an unused, counter show piece. Weren’t we just discussing unnecessary designer cookware? That one would be mine.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:82, topic:3927”]
I went through a phase, but once I had it figured out, I was done. I just liked the challenge.
[/quote]Me too! Cooking and food is one of the few things I get competitive about.

I quoted that part of your reply. But I pretty much concur with everything you wrote. :wink:


My confession: I have no idea what/who this is.
Even worse confession: Don’t really care, either.


[quote=“thechez5, post:80, topic:3927”]
As someone who loves your posts in Hungry Onion’s What’s for Dinner threads, your food always sounds delicious and anything but basic or like “guy food” to me, for what it’s worth.
[/quote]No kidding. Did he post his duck breasts, roasting on a string, over fire? That was Francis Mallmann’s Patagonia type sh_. It looked insanely good. I don’t blame him for thinking eating out is lame. I would too. Maybe we should just call his style “manly” then. Because I don’t know one woman who cooks that way.




I thought Tampopo was just… ok.


I dislike turkey.


DESERVE??? LOL! I BOUGHT mine for meat grinding and pasta making. And mine is a gorgeous apple green which goes great with the orange walls!!!


I tried to talk hubby into seeing it yesterday… Nope.


So does my family and I. We have lamb every year instead.


El Pollo Loco has been on my rotation for years.


It looks very nice dear. I’m happy for you. I bet you use it too. Mine is under a cute little cover, to keep it from collecting dust.


[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:89, topic:3927, full:true”]
I dislike turkey.
[/quote]So you’re the one.


A whole family of turkey haters???


[quote=“Thor, post:93, topic:3927, full:true”]
El Pollo Loco has been on my rotation for years.
[/quote]What the heck is going on here? All of you? I feel like I just learned there’s no Santa. So I have to know, if anyone can explain. What exactly is it you don’t like about turkey?


Yup. We are Sri Lankan and didn’t eat it back home. Plus it wasn’t really popular in any of the other Asian countries that we lived in either. I find it super bland and boring, and yes, I’ve tried different preparations of it (including Gjusta’s turkey sandwich). :grin:


Fair enough.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your lamb (delish), Pollo Loco and whatever it is PorkyBellys eat on Thanksgiving.


I don’t actively dislike it but don’t choose to cook it. Almost anything else, including the full family of fowl(s), is more appealing.