FTC Confessions




Thanks, @Kalivs…I’ll consider that for future purchases…the idea is quite novel.


I don’t understand people who don’t like Spam. You’ll eat hot dogs but won’t even try Spam?


Oh yum! We usually make musubi but heavily peppered, fried, with eggs for breakfast is GREAT! (Sam F told me how to do it while he was in Colombia and I was in Brazil!)


Major confessions: I wash my pizza stone and cast iron with soap and water.


The composition of this sandwich and people who build sandwiches in this manner makes me unreasonably angry. Like mental.


Is it too untidy or what?


The photo isn’t loading for me.


The uneven composition of the sandwich. I had a Jimmy John’s sandwich yesterday and it was built the same way (was busy at work and didn’t have time). Depending on what part of the sandwich you bite you might get all bread. Or meat and no veggies.

I’m a little OCD and like even bites with each bite containing veggies, meat and bread.


Agreed. Mine that I make are pretty organized. With meat I even break it up into smaller pieces so when I bite I don’t get one big piece. And things like McD I’ll open it and get the cheese all back inside and the burger ‘lined up.’ I don’t think that’s OCD; I think it’s praise-worthy. :slight_smile:


At home I like my salads on my dinner plate. With all of the food touching.


Ditto and LOL


A1 must bleed from the steak into the the peas and mash, or dinner is a failure. Speaking for a friend.


I understand completely.


A1??? Now THAT’S a confession to end all confessions. I think we may have a winner!!!


I like your friend


I like to mix shio koji and miso and attack the mixture with a spoon.


Almost everything that @chowseeker finds too salty, is the perfect amount of salt for me. I think I may have a really high tolerance for salt. :rofl:


Pretty much 100% of the time when we’re having steak for dinner - any cut really - I’ll cut off paper-thin slices and eat them raw. A few grains of salt.


I cooked a prime bone in ribeye to medium well yesterday. I died a little on the inside. Actually, I died a lot inside.