FTC Confessions


I was half drunk and a passenger in the car home from a party at my in-laws in Hemet. The cheeseburger from Baker’s before the freeway was super satisfying.


When I get a burrito to eat at home I cut the whole thing up in a bowl to eat it. First I crisp it on my cast iron skillet, then I crush some of the accompanying tortilla chips in a large bowl, then I dice up a mango, chop up the whole burrito, mix it all together and douse it with hot sauce.


That sounds pretty good!


I just spent about a half hour reading around about what to make with the fava beans I bought at the greenmarket last week. I finally settled on an Emeril Lagasse recipe for “pan crispy snapper with a fresh fava bean and mushroom ragout.” I blanched the fava beans, peeled them…and then ate them over the sink. Oh, well.


Damn I thought that I was the only one who did that.

I tried it because it’s kind of a hack for congee cooking time.


During Dungeness season I will always plan a meal around the crab . Just end up cracking over the sink and drinking beer. Way more fun that way.


Works well in mashed potatoes too.


My SO is hooked on grubhub, caviar etc :tired_face:


I’ve never been to a David Chang establishment.

When in the office at work, I only eat vegan.


WOW - me too.


I may have helped consume 4-5 bottles of really good cab yesterday…shared among 3-4 people. It was a good day.


That’s it?



I had recently spent 4 days in Vegas a couple of days prior to. My body cannot hang this week.




Agree, Professor van Helsing…


When my recovery time from Vegas trips started increasing is when I first started realizing I was getting old.


I fully recognize that I am no spring chicken.


Nor I. Was staying on the Strip at the Dunes Hotel and Casino. Looked out my window and shit, a bunch of Elvis’s (Elvi?) were dropping out of the sky and landing all over. Quite the spectacle!!

Now the site of the Bellagio.


I know it. It’s amazing how easy a hangover comes these days. Ah to be in my 20’s again.


Luckily, no hangover because it was all high-end liquor from Saturday night through the 4th. It’s more my body’s slowed recovery system because my liver is working in overdrive. Followed up 4th of July with a happy hour with some moms the night after (last night). Didn’t hit it that hard, so I feel right as rain today.