FTC Confessions


We’re leaving town tomorrow so tonight’s dinner participated in cleaning out the fridge. Two pieces of leftover pizza, two ribs without a bunch of meat on them, tuna salad made with my precious Ortiz tuna and a couple of slices of heirloom tomato.


I had a brisket sandwich for the first time this week (non-bbq). damn that thing was good


We’re on a road trip up the NorCal coast, the Oregon coast and into Washington. Last night’s dinner was leftover flank steak with olive “sauce,” TJ’s Harvest Grains and okra and tomatoes. A ‘free meal’ and oh-so-good. And the pup liked it also :slight_smile:


My morning coffee consists of Nescafé instant coffee, 4 tsp of sugar, heavy cream, and milk, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Are you by any chance British? I know they drink a lot of instant coffee.


when watching fireworks all i think about is eating uni

the internet


We drink instant coffee sometimes too. I make it Asian style - extra strong and extra sweet, a la Southeast Asian kopitiam style. One of the things I miss most about there!


Had to drive down to the OC twice this weekend. I may have stopped at Cream Pan on the way home on Saturday and on the way to Irvine on Sunday morning.


I despise, with most every cell in my semi- functional brain, listicles; especially when they’re being branded as journalism.

I’m standing here in my kitchen, quaffing caffeinated liquid (need to get the brain cells above semi-functional), watching a flock (or a murder, if you’re into Venery ) of crows strut around and wondering about the origin of someone “eating crow” - but can’t be bothered to look it up (I had the venery link open).


Sri Lankan.

Yum. I miss kopitiam, too!

I think instant coffee, especially Nescafé, is pretty common amongst South Asians.


quite popular in latin america as well. (although my parents were fancy and drank Yuban)


I would love to see a kopitiam shop open up here in Southern California. Tea, Coffee, Kaya Toast, Soft Eggs, White Coffee, maybe some char kway teoh for lunch.


QQ Kopitiam near Pasadena City College has all these things except kaya toast. (Kaya toast at Cassia is decent).


After a couple of days in the hospital this week, probably the best medicine I had was the machaca and egg burrito from 'Berto’s that my lovely bride smuggled in for us to share. Amazing how something so simple can do so much to lift your spirits.

Also, the meatloaf I had my first night there actually wasn’t too bad.


Get well soon!


Like airplane food it’s just fuel. So anything better than that is super.

Be well.


Our freezer here in Seattle had a couple of ‘oldies.’ Like freezer burn on on. So we had a Marie Callender chicken pot pie and a Stouffers chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. A couple of slices of heirloom tomato, some olive butter ‘sauce.’ Oh, right, some sauteed mushrooms.

So the fridge and freezer got more cleaned out and we got a really tasty dinner. What’s not to love :slight_smile:


Sometimes I’ll pick a particular table at a restaurant just because it reaches a Poké Stop.

I like the “supermarket sushi” at Tokyo Central in Torrance.

Those Jose Ole frozen steak & cheese chimichangas are life.


Poke Gainzzz is where it’s at!


Is it a confession that you have your phone on the table?!?!?