FTC Confessions


Multiple stops at the same table is the best!


Is it a confession that you’re extremely irritating?!?!?


Proudly confessing.



Only to rude people. :slight_smile:


LOL. I loved it when I asked my daughter for a photo or two from a recent out of town wedding they went to. She said she deliberately left her phone at home and she’d have to wait of camera photos to send.


Yeah, I highly doubt that.


To quote from the late and beloved Sam Fujisaka:

“[insert sideways smiling moron icon here to indicate making a joke]”


Just had the other day at the new Yorba Linda location. $3 for 2 pieces of better than average scallop and yellowtail. The chicken karage from the buffet is also very good. High turnover. Never thought I would purposely opt for getting supermarket sushi and chicken karage from a buffet for dinner. Fugetsu-do mochi for dessert.


I may have to check it out when I’m next in your neighborhood to run errands…thanks!


That sounds awesome!!! Any supermarket sushi recs in the la area?

We know there are good sashimi bowls and california rolls, made fresh at The Galleria Market on Olympic. Love them.

The sushi inside Little Tokyo Market, 3rd and alameda, is awesome.

But we live in LA, by Glendale and Eagle Rock and close to us and fresh? And cheap? Not much that I know of.

But I would be happy to be corrected!


Today I googled:


New confession: I’m really sick of the fried chicken trend at this point.


LOL. I’ll confess that I don’t even know what the fried chicken trend IS :slight_smile:


I. Um.

I actually like Spike Gourmet Seasoning Blend™️.


I just was introduced to this. And…same :stuck_out_tongue:


I want someone to make this for me.


I forget the rules so excuse me if I’m about to violate one…but be still my FUCKING heart! Holey moley that looks and sounds incredible. But my risotto skills are poor so I guess I have to work on that. Thanks, mom :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that a lot of practice - and consumption of the mistakes (for we must not waste food) - is called for. Repeatedly.


You’re quite funny :slight_smile: I haven’t even tried it in a couple of years. Mine have turned out rather ‘gummy.’ With cool weather coming on, I need to devote myself. Thanks.


I’m hoping you’ll post photos and stories of your progress: I shall live vicariously through them!