FTC Confessions


It’s cured tuna and is sort of like little pieces of fishy beef jerky. Us Sri Lankans use it in a lot of our dishes, my favorite being Lunu Miris. I like the “umami” and chewiness of it in the avocado toast.

You can usually find this at most Indian grocery stores:


Thanks. I’m going to pick one up and try it on the avocado toast. Will seek out some other uses for it.


Hope you like it! It can be considered as an acquired taste. :sweat_smile:


When we go eat jjajangmyun at Paik’s Noodle on Beach Blvd we bring kim chee from home because they only give you the yellow pickles. We also stop at BBQ Chicken across the street and get 20 of the spicy little BB Wings and eat them in the outside courtyard. People usually give us sideways looks but I’m thinking you’re the one who needs to check yo self for not having the foresight to eat great chicken wings with jjajangmyun. And yes we brought kim chee too sucka.


I’m standing in a line.


All about the bread. The other stuff is nice, but the bread is world-class.
I like their manufactory restaurant, too. Cocktails are excellent and I was very happy with my food during a visit about 4 months ago.




Breakfast. I had a craving :roll_eyes:


That was my brother’s favorite breakfast growing up, probably still is.


I’m fine with the canned stuff if it gets nice and crispy on the surface.


Hey! You pretty much put into words how I like my avocado toast. I’m going to start mashing & spreading the “less pristine” slices underneath too.


I’m hungry!!!


That’s not a confession, it’s a blessing… and a curse.


Good point


I’ve been mixing the Humphrey Slocombe yuzu ice cream with the Coolhaus chocolate fudge with cake pieces ice cream.


I may have consumed Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, had dessert run at Porto’s (and tried their turkey-gravy potato balls), and on the way home, may have stopped for al pastor tacos and chicken tinga nachos tonight. I feel like a glutton…the gym may be required in the morning.


Sunflower Seed Butter is better than Peanut Butter.

Can’t believe I just discovered this. Get yourself a jar now!!


That’s a bold statement. Especially to someone who eats Peanut Butter everyday!


Have anyone tried these? Unknown SY355


Not since childhood. “throwback recipe” :smile: