FTC Confessions



Plus some cream, lots of butter, and lots of pepper.



It looks yummy. Gotta’ love a good semi-homemade recipe.


Annie’s is my go-to boxed mac and cheese. My confession: I prefer boxed mac and cheese to the real stuff :flushed:


Cacio e pepe! You aren’t confessing anything other than you’re brilliant. :wink:


I enjoy the Beijing Beef from Panda Express once in a while.


I’m glad to see that. I’ve never been there but those peppers look ‘properly’ cooked Thanks.


Sometimes I avoid going to Korean restaurants because I struggle with metal chopsticks. :flushed:


Yes! And extra cheese on top : )


I may make my Chanukah latkes in my waffle iron.

Related confession? I now buy tater tots mostly to waffle them. Mmmmmm.


Sheesh, I keep forgetting to do the tots that way! Happy Chanuka (latkes).


Hell yeah if not the classic Orange Chicken I am getting Beijing Beef or just say f it and get both.

Are you a fan of Chubby Rice btw?

I am with you on the metal chopsticks. I hate those. Makes me look like an idiot especially if I am dating a Korean girl. Sometimes I just say f it and pick up that small plate of banchan and eat it with a spoon!


I made stuffed Cornish game hens last night, but didn’t cook them quite to temp. Now I’m waiting to see if anyone got food poisoning. It’s been 11 hours…


That photo looked pretty good, so we tried Panda for the first time in many years, and immediately remembered why we were avoiding it all this time: Soggy, greasy, overly sweet steamtable fare. We also tried their kungpao chicken – not sweet, but the rest of the adjectives applied. My guess is that if it’s just been made, it’s probably OK, but it doesn’t age well in the steam table. Won’t be going back – ever.


I think it really depends on the location. I don’t know where you are, but CC Pavillions Panda Express is great. They make small batches and reup the food often.

@thechez5 That Beijing beef is so good, all crispy and sweet. :slight_smile:

I also really like the eggplant/tofu and the fried :fried_shrimp:. “May I please have 2 packets of mustard and 1 sweet-sour sauce?”


I am! Though I don’t go there as often as I like. I should change that.

That’s exactly what I do. :joy:

I only go to Panda when I get the munchies after drinking or randomly crave overly sweet fast food Chinese, which isn’t that often really. The Beijing Beef at the one I go to is thankfully always nice and crispy. Sorry you had a bad experience! :confused:


Slumming it west LA style

Sushi at Nagao. Hamachi belly, engawa and toro takuwan

FO… Was out of the sand-o 's si I got a take on a Klondike bar with stout ice cream and cacao nibs. Pared well with the N’ice Chouffe




I had to have a leftovers dinner party last night. I made my friends eat and then take home a shitload of leftovers with them so I could have room in my fridge for my Thanksgiving prep. Between my own cooking, Mom has continually brought meals to us thinking that my post-ACL reconstructed kid makes me unable to cook for my own family. It’s super helpful and I appreciate it…but I ran out of room in both fridges. We dined on banh canh (Vietnamese udon), bo kho (beef stew), Mom’s homemade version of hamburger helper, wonton soup, and mashed potatoes. I’m entirely grateful to my friends…and am exceedingly glad that Mom loves us.


I got hungry watching this video


I may have made a breakfast version of a Filet-O-Fish this morning using the following ingredients I had on hand:

  • English muffin
  • Costco fish sticks
  • Sharp white cheddar
  • Tartar sauce from the Original Fish Company
  • Scrambled eggs

It was great! Super satisfying. I’m probably going to do it more often.