FTC Confessions


Stacked was started by the two guys who built BJ’s Brewery from a small operation to a national business. They know what they’re doing. I just wish they’d open one nearer to me.


I like the habanero wings at stacked as well.


I had never heard of Stacked so Googled and it was “Stacked: Food Well Built.” Get out.


They were early adopters of the iPad menu concept. There’s a sketch of a burger (if that’s what you’re ordering) in the right side of the screen and you fill the spaces for bun, patty(s), cheese selection, lettuce type, condiments from a list on the left. So you kindof do ‘build’ it.


Well, at least it’s not Hooters!


Hooters makes a nice chicken wing


I’m a 71 y.o. long standing, take no prisoners, marched for the ERA, etc. and hell would freeze over feminist before I would go there. NEVER.


I found a frozen twix bar of unknown origin in the back of my freezer. I ate it.


Dammit ! You beat me to this one too!


I like Trader Joe’s chicken xlb and I like dipping them in a combination of Lao Gan Ma chili crisp, soy sauce, kecap manis, Marie Sharp’s Comatose habanero sauce, and minced ginger.


love Marie Sharps habanero sauce! but I have never tried comatose :hot_face:


It was actually per your recommendation a while back in some thread that I first tried it! It’s really great, so thanks!


For packaged food I Iove me some Japanese Curry!!

Meat or poultry, carrots, potatoes, water, and packaged curry (LoL). Pictured here is at Mitsuwa Market


Food and Women.

I’ll confess in my beginning stages as a food geek I would try different food and cuisines to impress different women from different backgrounds then my own. Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, Russian, Italian, and on and on.

But you know what I ended up really liking different foods and wanting to learn more about culture, cuisine, and countries.


I needed a quick bite last night and decided to get a McDonalds burger. First one in many years.

Got the double cheese burger, thought it was mighty tasty and an excellent QPR at $2.18 OTD.


I get in a couple of times a year for a nostalgic Big Mac and/or Filet o’ Fish. Big Mac was a rite of passage from kids’ burgers to adult burgers.


I wrote a yelp review yesterday!


I wish they would bring back the Mac Jr with premium patty :frowning:


We were supposed to fly from Seattle back to Reno yesterday but thanks to my oh-so-in-trouble mate, we missed our flight. Rescheduled from 130 to 930P. Went back to our apartment. Rather than go out we decided to make dinner out of the freezer… With some mayo and a little 1000 island dressing left from a lunch sandwich. Are you ready???



Everything’s better with tots.