FTC Confessions


@TheCookie I bet it was terrific!


One of my many weaknesses.


We recently rediscovered Popeye’s. It’s just as good/evil as I remember it.


I like mayonnaise on hot dogs. And burgers. And to dip fries, tots, and onion rings into, too. (Best Foods/Hellmans, of course!) Sometimes, if I’m feeling wild, I’ll mix in a tiny dab of Heinz Ketchup.

Add fish sticks to the above list.

I like cheap pizza, chain pizza, and pizza from take out joints. I don’t seem to like a lot of the newer fancy pizza places. Except for Zelo, and that doesn’t count.

I sometimes put ranch (Hidden Valley Original!) on said pizza. But not on Zelo pizza.

I really, really like foods at “wrong” temperatures (cold spaghetti noodles with unmelted butter, cold leftover roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus) and - if eating alone - I’ll stir a bowl of ice cream until it melts and then sip it like soup. (If there are “things” in the ice cream, like cookie dough or chips or such, then those get left until the last spoonful or two, for an intense rush.)

I don’t like “real” sushi but am a sucker for the garish, overloaded “rolls.”

Most days our food expenditures for the various critters exceeds that of the humans in the house.

I eat something chocolate every day.

I prefer simple/home-like food to fancy stuff. Except when I can really afford the fancy stuff and then I prefer that.

I’ve never had a filet-o-fish sandwich.


My husband taught me the joy of mayo on burgers as well as fries.

Try some bleu cheese to dip your pizza in. A local place turned us onto that.

That last sentence is an abomination :smile: Get thee to McDs. We hadn’t had one in many years until a month or two back. Mmm.


Good thing this site is called Food Talk Central and not something like … oh … Chowhound. :smiley:


Are you me? :smile:


I like canned creamed corn over rice.


i eat week-old leftovers


You have leftovers!?!?!!?


The canned corn thing…

When I was in college I discovered canned corn and canned peas. I practically lived on those sophomore year, straight out of the can with a spoon. Perfect easy, delicious food.


Best dining option at Tom Bradley terminal - Panda Express.


I had a Hostess Snowball tonight . And loved it . It’s been a long , long while .


Just one?

They come in packs of 2. What are you waiting for? Something crazy like tomorrow night?


It came in a Valentine gift bag . I have to get a box of those . So good .


I once made a croquembouche with Hostess Sno Balls.

You should’ve come over.


I am probably going to finish this whole box of Girl Scouts Cookies-Lemonades


I drove through for lunch at Burger King yesterday… and was more disappointed than I should have been that I missed my opportunity to try the horror that is/was the Whopperito.


I suspect I may have caught my first cold in six years. It’s in the early stages. To to fight it off, I had hot tea with lemon, honey and whiskey for breakfast. Now I may have another one.


If you like ginger and lemongrass, they’re great for fighting colds. You can just pop them into your tea. Hope you feel better soon.