FTC meet up




Can’t wait! :smiley:

Will this be like Felix-redux where everyone is in the same room, but no one acknowledges anyone else?


Either that or Desano’s redux where bunch of people say they’re down and then no one shows up


how about mixture of the two


So we’ll all say we’re going to meet up in the same place and not acknowledge each other, and then we’ll all no-show the event? :smiley:


if that is possible, that would be the case i tink


I think we’re doing that now :slight_smile:


Given the difficulty of coordinating everyone’s schedule, I really do think just saying, “Hey, I’m planning to go to _____ at ____ day at ___ time. If you’re interested, just come on by” might be a good idea…


that didn’t really work out for Desano…

on the other hand, JL’s meetup DID work, because we were all committed to something. and by committed I mean paid money up front.


Correct. So unless someone wants to take the time to organize something like that, I think just saying, “Here I am” will probably lead to the least amount of disappointment. @lectroid was the only person who made it to Desano’s, and he/she seemed to think it was an alright experience b/c the pizza was good…


Yeah, pay up, FTC beeyotches…



You know, it’s interesting. One of my friends is part of a volunteer org that CHARGES its volunteers to participate. I asked her the rationale for this. Her response, “B/c if you pay to join, you’re more likely to participate.” Makes a lot of sense, actually…

BTW, thanks again for being willing to organize that!


Hope you guys had a great time. Not sure I’d undertake that endeavor again, though - That meetup took wayyyyy more work than I (in my vast naivete) had anticipated.


Yup. I was a bit miffed everyone bailed last minute, but the pizza was indeed excellent, and I went back a couple more times before I moved.

But, yeah… I expperienced momentary bruising of the ego, but I got over it. It’s just the internet.


Sounds like a good idea…could we have the meet-up at one of the $6 & under restaurants? :smile_cat:


maybe a Chinese restaurant for dim sum when they open might work. get a really big table or two, so if a few people can’t make it, it’s a little more lax than say making a reservation at some other kinds of restaurants. plus, people can drop in kind of whenever.


We already had one.

Great fun. Great food too.


When was that???


[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:8, topic:5483”]
“Hey, I’m planning to go to _____ at ____ day at ___ time. If you’re interested, just come on by” might be a good idea…
[/quote]I think that’s a good one. Nemroz and I discussed something similar. We both go to LACMA Jazz on Fridays and might meet without the pressure of planning. I’m not suggesting this for a group FTC meet-up. It’s too crowded and loud to all meet for the first time.

Hubby and I have had success with one on one or I should say two on two FTC meet ups. I won’t mention names; the person in question may want to keep it under the radar. I’ll give you a hint. He’s a scoundrel… of course, I say that affectionately.

A group meet up could get really interesting. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what happens when my d.h. comes face to face with… you can guess who.

Let’s do it!


[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:12, topic:5483”]
‘B/c if you pay to join, you’re more likely to participate.’
[/quote]How come that doesn’t work with the gym?