FTC meet up




Bc no one wants to work out, truly, usually unless its in bed. :blush:


And even then, sometimes sleep is the better option.


That is true.


@TheCookie who?


I went to the O’Brien’s gathering and it was great to meet everyone (in the CH days) and have continued a couple friendships, including Kevin.

Would be nice to do, with this more curated FTC group.

This site isn’t “free” for me, I donate monthly and hope others do, too.


[quote=“yogachik, post:26, topic:5483”]
[/quote]I love that.

Maybe we should do the pay in advance thing like @J_L did. More of an incentive.

P.S. I was just kiddin’ y’all with the veiled threat of violence btw :wink:.


I participated in the CH meet-up at O’Brien’s a few years ago and enjoyed the event. Here are a few of my observations/suggestions, just my two cents:

Somebody needs to take command of selecting a venue, date, and time. When we opened it for discussion, as you might expect people were divided over week vs. weekend, westside vs. more central location, etc. We need to give notice to the locale’s management that we expect to be there and get permission to snag some space.

We need to establish and emphasize that the focus is on the meeting rather than he cuisine. If one desires to share a finer meal at a notable restaurant, make a reservation for 4 or 6 and post the opening and I’m sure you will get some takers. But for a meet-and-greet, the drinks are the social lubricant. At O’Brien’s people began ordering food and sharing later on in the evening.

Gotta have someone arriving at the start bring name tags and a marker and a sign indicating where our group is.

Individual tabs but generous attitudes! Many will settle in for the event but some may just drop in for a short time.

I really enjoyed putting faces to names at that CH event!


nicely said
I was sorry to miss the Obrien’s event
the one @J_L did at Clusi Batusi was certainly a doozy.


Gracias, boss.


Still miss Clusi Batusi! It was such a great addition to the neighborhood and the chef was very personable. Regret missing the meet up there.


The cost to bring out Ricky’s and Bulgarini is probably around $30-$40pp. Adding Guerilla Tacos doubles that cost.

Of course Ricky has ZERO options if you’re veg/gf/non-Pescatarian, so that’s also a problem…


Throw in a howlin’ ray’s pre-order too for a bang-bang-bang.


that ends wonderful


Can’t we all just go to Gjusta or Felix? Or converge on Guerrilla Tacos somewhere. It’s what everyone loves.

Or that Japanese place where the chef is rude to single women, but loves big, burly men drinking lots of sake.

Or that Thai place where the food is good, but the one owner is a total bitch to anyone that she doesn’t consider cool.

It sounds fun. :slight_smile:


We went to two CHs ‘things.’ The food was really good and with about eight people it was logistically easy. But honestly? Except for food, I had ZERO in common with those people. And a couple I found downright obnoxious. Didn’t re-up.


I could be presumptive here, but the impression I get is this meet-up is for a great cause - Corgi rescue - such frickin’ great dogs.

I hear what you’re sayin’, but @Ns1 needs to primarily address a particular crowd in order to raise money - primarily like-minded dog-lovers - while leaving it wide open to us as well.


I think in order to get the vendors that FTC wants, we would need a certain number of people to make it financially reasonable. Certainly more people than FTC can provide.

Thus, I have the capital and audience to make said vendor grouping possible, but it would need to be “wrapped up” in the form of a fundraiser in order to get said audience involved.

So, kind of killing multiple birds with one stone and then eating them all for dinner.


Okay, I missed that part. We’re doing a fundraiser meet-up?

I’m going to stop talking now…

P.S. All dogs are great dogs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Except Pink’s hot dogs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: