Gdinner @ Gjusta


Sadly the awesome fried chicken is no longer on the menu. @Chowseeker1999, I hope you got a chance to try it.

Watching my carbs

Beer Battered Fish & Chips - wild ling cod, remoulade, malt vinegar, grilled lemon
This was nice, crispy crunchy crust, and moist and tender fish. But it didn’t really wow me like the fried chicken.

Grilled Octopus - smoked paprika, hummus
Very tender, I wish the outside was a little more charred and crisped.

Rotisserie chicken - tzatziki, harissa & chimichurri
If you can’t get the fried chicken this is probably your next best bet. Delicious moist and juicy chicken.

Pastéis de nata
This wasn’t bad, the crust was more of a thin crispy shell than a flaky puff pastry.

Tres leches cake
Loved the meringue on top.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks, great report again. :slight_smile: Yes, we got a chance to try it, thank you.

We love the Rotisserie Chicken at Gjusta as well. :slight_smile: Thankfully you can get that for Lunch as well if you feel like. So good!


I’m coming to this from a little bit of a weird place because I’ve never actually been during the day so I’ve never even seen it as the buzzy madhouse I’m sure it is. I do, however, absolutely love it as a dinner spot (I can think of few better places for a low-key first date).

The food is just so well done and simple and wonderful. This most recent time we had the half rotisserie chicken, the sliced prime rib, and the broccolini. The chicken was so herby and juicy and great, the prime rib was salty umami goodness paired with shavings of horseradish (next time I’ll remember to order extra horseradish!), and the broccolini was well-seasoned and made us feel like we weren’t just eating pure meat for dinner. Add the pretty outdoor lights and the charming indoor bar and Gjusta for dinner is just…super pleasant.


Yeah, it’s a completely different pace at night. Super chill, with plenty of parking, even on a weekend. Only downside is they sometimes have fewer salads/veggies available at night but there’s always something that looks delish. I don’t even bother going during the day anymore.


If only they would bring back their damn fried chicken


I’m curious what all the gjusta gjunkies out there leave for a tip? 5%? 10%? 15%? more? Not sure I can gjustify more than 10%.

Ps fried chicken watch still in effect

chopped liver on toast - chopped chicken liver, caramelized onion, roasted apple, chives on baguette
This was new to me and it was great, the liver was nice and chunky with a nice sweetness from the onions.

aspen ridge prime rib butcher with extra horseradish

herbed chicken with tzatziki, harissa & chimichurri


Had the foie gras the other night. Not bad for takeout.


had a perfect, relaxed gjusta gdinner out on the patio the other night. i parked in the parking lot, walked up to the counter, ordered, and found a seat outside all in under 10 minutes. next time i’ll have to try the ny steak frites au poivre i saw people eating, it looked pretty great, and the white corn agnolotti with dungeness crab.

foie gras terrine, kumquat marmalade, garlic crostini
smooth, liver butter, so rich that it can run as a republican candidate for president.

pan seared sand dabs, bloomsdale spinach, white wine, capers, lemon, parsley
i love eating sand dabs up north and this was perfectly cooked, so simple and delicious. travis really knows his fish. where else can i get fresh sand dabs in socal?

buttermilk fried chicken, pickles
aaaand it’s back, paging @Chowseeker1999, @Bigmouth, @TheCookie. Crispy, juicy and goes great with the chili honey dipping sauce.


fish case

Bavel - Arts District
Bavel - Arts District

The steak was great, but the frites were actively bad. If they could somehow just serve you the steak…


very fresh


Once again, you ate my meal. I’m glad your Gjusta Fried Chicken watch ended so well. It looks great!


Nice report @PorkyBelly. So glad it’s back! I will now have to get over to Gjusta for dinner soon. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

Strange. Besides the deli case salads (or maybe pastries) and drinks, they bring the food to you (during breakfast, lunch and dinner). I wonder if they were short staffed when you went?


Yes, you’re given a number to put on your table and they bring the food out to you when it’s ready.


gjesus fudging cripes you weren’t kidding about that fried chicken. Picked up the clucks on the way back from the new Jim Henson exhibit at the Skirball.

That chicken is really really really good. Oof. What a wonderful crisp. And tender and full of flavor. And those dang sauces. Even held up to a car ride. I haven’t had Howlin in a while, but this is the best fried chicken I’ve had for a long time. Only bummer was they forgot my pickles. Rat bastards.

Also had a bite of the veggie burger, which I thought was fantastic. The shishito peppers salad side was legit, as well.

Gdinner at Gjusta is def the way to gjgo.


any restaurants serving it?



New photo by Andrew Wilmar

The shishitos were off the charts ggood.

Pickles or it didn’t happen.


They honestly made me question whether I had had real ones before. With these, like 1 of 4 was hot. I’m sure there are regional/seasonal/varietal factors I’m too much of a dunce to be aware of. Really solid, though.


Stupid “fast casual” tipping dilemma. I’d rather they attach a service charge, so I know the kitchen gets some, as opposed to a cashier and runner, no matter how nice they are.

I tip depending on what I’ve ordered. If the person is boxing up salad and pizza, helping me choose cured fish, and grabbing loafs of bread, then yes, 10%. If they simply puts an order into the kitchen for a soup and mint lemonade, nada. The people making it aren’t getting any of the cash, so it’s not fair.


(new) fried squash blossoms, herbed ricotta, cherry tomato, summer squash
perfectly fried squash blossoms

pork & beef meatballs, burrata, parmesan, ciabatta
If you haven’t had the currently off the menu meatball sandwich yet, this is the next best thing. Chef Travis’ balls are meaty, moist and mouthwatering.


tomato confit & burrata toast, ciabatta, wild oregano
Wow, this was fucking fantastic. Served cold, the burrata was so milky and creamy it’ll bring all the boys to the yard, damn right. The tomatoes were rich, sweet and meaty. It was kind of like eating a fluffy, soft, cold cheese pizza, but a hundred times better. great cold dish for this wave of oppression we’re having. there’s also a sandwich version of this with prosciutto that i’ll be trying next time. @Chowseeker1999, @Bookwich, @TheCookie, @Bigmouth, @A5KOBE, @President_Mochi, give this a try.

grilled sardines, romesco, herbs
meh, tasted like overcooked canned sardines. pass.

creme caramel
i guess i’ll gjust never learn to always get the carrot cake for dessert. this was okay, way too dense.