Gdinner @ Gjusta


Gjusta Gjusta Gjusta


:blush: I am so happy someone finally used that ditty on this board!! I tried once and my husband tried to strangle me.

P.S. for the literals - that was a joke.


…oh yeah, and your food looks incredible!


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Darn it! Another FTC Gjusta Club meeting and you forgot to let us all know! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the report back, I just stopped by the other day and failed to order the Tomato Confit & Burrata! Darn it! :cry: (But it wasn’t so bad: The amazing Smoked Fish Plate and Tuna Conserva Sandwich were as stunning as always.) :wink: I’ll be sure to try that next time.


Great report as always @porkybelly. I’ve been eyeing that tomato confit sandwich for a while. Can’t wait to try it now!

BTW fried chicken special is off the menu again. The guy I asked said it wouldn’t be back “for a while.”


Yum. The pork meatballs have a permanent spot on Gjelina’s menu and I never get tired of them. One of these days I’ll try to make them myself from the Gjelina cookbook.


sunchoke salad

the new avocado toast

baguette, tomato confit, burrata, prosciutto
damn one of my new favorite sandwiches. they stopped doing the tomato confit and burrata toast but this is just as good and you can add prosciutto. Certified fresh. @Chowseeker1999 check it out.

charmoulah baked egg, pomodoro sauce, red charmoulah, cream, parsley, two eggs
pretty much a gjusta’s version of a shakshouka. spicy and delicious.



That’s a killer sandwich. Their bread is really good. Their burrata is really good. Their produce is really good as well - synergy.


Thanks @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: Yah I loved their tomato confit toast, but good to know the sandwich version is just as good! :slight_smile:


Damn deep fried sunchokes now constitute a “salad”? Suddenly my weekly food pyramid is looking a whole lot healthier.


I wonder if @Omotesando would like to try their charmoulah…


anybody try these at hatchet hall?


I went last night, they weren’t on the menu.


Pomona Fish Market has fried sand dab


To me THIS is what sand dabs should look like. Those look insanely overcooked.


Your photo didn’t show up for me @catholiver. I’m curious what people’s interpretations are of the best Sanddab preparation. Myself, I hate when they try to filet them. They’re too small. I like to know where the bones are, not find a random pin when it’s already in my mouth.


Hmm, I wonder why not. Is it here?

Or this?

Image result for sand dabs


The 2nd photo posted, still not the first.


When I copy from other sources I get this sometimes. No idea why. But it is making me hungry :slight_smile:


I see all of the photos fyi.