Give a Goat, Starve a Food Talker


Hi @Jase & Friends -

There used to be the occasional FTC thread requesting charitable support for food related causes. They didn’t receive a lot of traction. I was thinking to direct you to the LA Food Bowl thread, but there is some dissatisfaction with the events overall.

If folks are interested, I donated a goat (for milk) and chickens thru Of course, like anything else, there is controversy over livestock programs. But this particular organization determines the needs of its recipients. If there is an abundance of livestock donations your money will go toward crops, water, tools, etc.

I can’t say whether or not my efforts make a difference, but if anyone has a particular food charity they support, please feel free to post it right here.


The late, great Sam Fujisaka had a PhD and worked with emerging nations on agricultural programs. He had high praise for Heifer. Our adult children and we no longer exchange Christmas gifts but rather make donations to the organization of our choice. We’ve been doing Heifer for a few years now. And Bob’s former employer matches our donation.


Before we started moving around (home renovation) and eating restaurant food everyday we would try to eat at home for one month of the year and donate the money saved to a charity.


That’s pretty cool how the funds go into other applicable resources.

Sam was a saint, although he would be the first to deny it. RIP, such a great gracious person. If he had high praise for them, then that’s all the recommendation I’d ever need.


That brought tears to my eyes. He and I never had a face to face (although we threatened to get really drunk in the Philippines and eat balut together)

With Heifer, when a person gets, say, a goat and the goat has a baby then they give that to another family. The ultimate, up close and personal “pay it forward.”





This could be some excellent volunteer hours for the teens. Do you know whether there is an age limit?


Excellent idea. It says family-friendly and open to all.