Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?


What are some of the places you’ve tried in the Antelope Valley?


Porky, with all due respect, I’d prefer not. First, there’s the general attitude and tone displayed in this thread. Also, I don’t want to put the place in the crosshairs of Triumph The Insult Reviewer :slight_smile: . Besides, the purpose of this thread was clearly not about providing information :laughing:


No, unrealistic expectations that a place in an outlying community would have something much beyond generic dishes.

And the fact that you assumed and didn’t ask questions about the ribs, somehow that’s the restaurants fault? Wow. This is either the funniest or the saddest thing I’ve ever seen posted here. An FTCer, and a good one at that, reduced to the level of the worst Yelper.

And, BTW, there are steakhouses in the AV beyond Sizzler, but…that spoils your little idea of “fun”, doesn’t it? :wink:


i went on wednesday :disappointed_relieved:


Yes, it’s the restaurant’s fault that they are a thai restaurant serving american chinese honey ribs, and it’s my fault for assuming that they were legit. I don’t have this problem in North Hollywood.

It’s okay, I’ve made peace with it. Mexican seems strong up here. And there’s a cajun/crecole place on Yelp that looks great.


Damn, dude. You missed Taco Tuesday! :smiley:


Well, no. It’s not like North Hollywood either. I tried to warn you :smiley:

Of all you’ve written, there is one real truth, namely that - sadly - the most interesting and unique international places in the AV don’t last too many years :frowning:

Let me know about your Mexican finds. And, yes to Lee Esther’s :+1:

Yes, it’s far from the whitest place on Earth. That would be Acton, you know, where people with money move so their wives/girlfriends/mistresses/daugters can have a horsey :smiley: :man_farmer:


You happen to know any Canto places in SGV that does sweet and sour pork with hawthorne/haw flakes?


'fraid not.


Best of Europe, Quartz Hill


I enjoy the chicken kabobs and garlic sauce at olives in Lancaster.


I’m a sucker for bacon wrapped shrimp at don cuco.

And in case ya’ll wanted to know what $19 gumbo in Palmdale looks like. Comes with like a full sausage link, a boneless chicken thigh, 7 shrimp, and half a crab.


I feel like anytime seafood needs “bacon wrapped” as a descriptor before its name just means that either it’s not very good (read: fresh) seafood, or its just not very good.

Or both.

… bacon wrapped sashimi anyone?


I think it’s meant more for bacon eaters than for seafood eaters. Although chocolate-wrapped bacon is definitely meant for chocolate eaters, the bacon is a happy surprise.


Respectfully disagree. My first experience with bacon wrapped shrimp was in Baja in the early 80’s. Very large, fresh caught, perfectly cooked beauties wrapped in bacon and grilled. The two flavors complement each other well.


Piccola Trattoria gets good reviews from acquaintances of mine. (I haven’t been.)


Where the gumbo from? Looks totally legit (I live with a Louisianian so I’m sensitive to these things).



Jeez - that guy appears to know exactly what he’s doing as far a good lookin’ Louisiana food goes.


Tastes pretty good too.