Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?


No egg rolls in Acton? Plenty of places have 'em in Palmdale, even the places that don’t have orange chicken have egg rolls :wink:

Can’t help you on the cococane though, Rosemead is likely the nearest spot for that.

You’re the one that moved to Acton. What were you expecting? Food on the level of Ducor? :smiley:


I was expecting what I got - a JitB and a McD - and I’ve accepted where I am. I ate at McD and JitB over 10 times in the past 2 weeks because I didn’t have the time to go to Crazy Otto’s and I haven’t reached the point of desperation to try Grizzly Bear Grill or whatever the hell that place is called. And I DEFINITELY don’t have the heart to try any of the Asian food at Wences…yet.


I was thinking that’s prolly about it. Even the mall ring road restaurants are a bit limited since the fire closed Famous Dave’s and the financial collapse of the one guy that had most of the franchises (which also took out a lot around Ventura and Thousand Oaks). At least a couple of local places have taken up the spaces that formerly housed chains.

The Costco is a few miles above the Mall, but yep, they do have a car wash :droplet::droplet:


This I perfectly understand, and I wholeheartedly concur with :+1:


seriously though, have you ever been?


No, I have not. There are enough places in the AV proper. I will only make a drive for something different or special (which is what I do for pretty much anything “Asian” past very basic Thai or sushi). Now, I realize the place in Acton might fall under one, or both, of those, but…


I might just do this for the experience. stay tuned…


Not really a recommendation, but an option: Charlie Brown Farms. Disclaimers include that I haven’t been there in 25+ years and the Yelp reviews are pretty awful, but as a kid I loved it. So many flavors of milkshakes, gut-busting food, and a candy shop. I could see teens liking it, since I sure did. But my tastebuds tended towards the sickly sweet and fried the last time I set foot in Charlie Brown’s.


Thai food north of the 5/14 not doing so good. Another 4.5* on Yelp too.

Even the dog isn’t interested (and yes we’re having dinner in bed. Judge me.)

If there’s one thing that really grinds my gears, it’s noodle places that serve noodles togo in one container. We should’ve just thrown the money right into the trash it would be less frustrating.

The dipping sauce to the pork jerky…

I should have just ordered pad thai to go from Jitlada.


Pro tip: if you stir some chili oil into that pad thai it’ll make it easier to scrape into the trash.


Charcoal kbbq in Canyon Country is so good, went there on Friday for lunch and again on Sunday for dinner. Great quality meats & banchan, never a wait, friendly as hell.

I’d say it’s worth the drive even from my old Chatsworth place. Certainly beats going to k-town…


Lots of space for the Corgis to run around.


Yep, that’s the one thing I miss about Chowhound - the cookbook junkies. A lot live in parts of the country that lack interesting restaurants. They’re fantastic cooks.


Aesthete, is that you?


I know. I’m loving this thread.


The two words that always wake up @Chowseeker1999.


I love Orange Chicken.


You said “gateway food”. :grin:


Okay, now that sounds fun.


Okay, I have used up all my 55 allotted “likes” on this thread. I’m off to read about how “old fish makes the best sushi”.