Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?


Okay, this is really happening. After traveling for almost 2 weeks and then trying to recover, I’m finally getting around to reviewing the area where were staying in. I am thrilled that we are in close proximity to the Antelope Valley mall and in an area with an abundance of chains that should make the kids happy. I was more afraid we’d be in some remote area where nothing would be convenient. I’m just pleased that our hotel has a free evening reception with drinks…that should help pass the time away…and other ancillary meals can be just an Uber/Lyft ride away.


I see chick fil a in your future. You’re even next to the Shakey’s.


I’m more of a Roundtable fan. Conveniently, that’s close, too…as are the aforementioned Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out (which I both adore). I just wish this adventure wasn’t so close to the end of my last adventure…I’ve been trying to detox from vacation eating.




Need a lead for most acceptable sushi north of the 5/14. Thoughts?


Good luck, I haven’t found one yet. But I’ve heard good reports from non-ftc’ers about shogun in Palmdale, the only place I know of that does an omakase. Bang it out with lee esther’s.




Freaking ipse - We are lucky to have him. He’d be able to point you to a great hole-in-the-wall vegan BBQ joint specializing in Moldovan natural wines located on the route between Lichtenstein to Uranus…


good kaiseki, but not a sushi place. they’re more like a poor man’s n/naka (in a good way), that serves one course of sushi.


Sadly, I fear my poor attempt at sarcasm has utterly failed.

Carry on, nothing to see here.


+1 on Shogun. Pricey, but the quality is on a different level for the AV. Masa puts real effort into selecting his fish. Even a simple yellowtail collar plate is fine if not wishing to go the omakase route.


Thanks for the rec on Shogun. Unfortunate hours though - closes at 8:30!


Yep, gotta be a real local :wink: From the time on your request, I thought you might mean for Saturday. Would that work for you?


Freaking, freaking PorkyBelly!


I didn’t finish work until 8pm last night (Sat) or we would’ve gone to Shogun. I’m sure I’ll be there soon enough…

The Santa Clarita places seem open later.


Later than 10:00? 10:00 PM is pretty standard closing on Saturdays for most AV sushi bars. Shogun is the exception.

Do check out Shogun when you’re able to.


Although your interests appear to skew to Asian food I just saw that Fabs Hot Dogs now has a branch in Valencia, Its my favorite hot dog place in greater LA, but their burger is actually better than the dogs. I hope this is helpful.


hey good for Fabs - I used to go there back on his old location on Tampa(?) before he moved to that strip mall. Happy to hear of Joe’s success and hopefully those garlic tots are still great. Big fan of the ripper w/ that crazy mustard relish he’s got too.


They’ve been closed since 2016.


My mistake. Seems they haven’t updated their website since then.