Good spots for a special birthday dinner in NYC?


We’re going to be a group of 5. I’m looking for some place with shared plates that everyone can enjoy. I’d prefer Asian, but anything will do. Thanks!
What does everyone think of Momofuku Ssam Bar?


Have you considered hotpot? I really like Hometown Hotpot in Chinatown. Great for groups and it’s AYCE. Plus I think birthday girl/boy gets their meal free.

Korean BBQ is another option but probably a little pricier. Kang Ho Dong is a good spot.


I was disappointed with Sssam although lots of others seem to enjoy it. Expensive for what you get, and food just so-so.

+1 Kang Ho Dong, or A-Cote
Szechuan Mountain House
Uncle Boon
Madame Vo BBQ




Alta looks really good, thanks for the suggestion. Any other recommendations?


If you like Italian, Don Angie is great too!


Maybe any Japanese places?


Nonono in Nomad

Sakagura innthe East Village


Does steak and sides count as shared plates? My sister just took my niece who is a freshman at NYU to Peter Lugers. I was drooling over the pictures.
Tomato and onion salad
German potatoes
Creamed spinach
Cheesecake and schlag