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What is Gopchang?

Gopchang (곱창) can refer to the small intestines of cattle (or pig) or to a gui (grilled dish) made of the small intestines. The latter is also called gopchang-gui (곱창구이; “grilled beef small intestines”).

In Korean cuisine, it is stewed in a hot pot ( gopchang-jeongol ), grilled over a barbecue ( gopchang-gui ), boiled in soup with other intestines ( naejang-tang ), or made into a sausage ( sundae ).

Gopchang was eaten as a source of rich in iron and vitamins, it was served as a health supplement. Today, gopchang is regarded as a delicacy. It is a popular anju (food served and eaten with soju), as it helps break down alcohol.

Gopchang Story BBQ has been specializing in Korean horumonyaki style BBQ since 2004.