Great Maple


We have a Great Maple location opening up here in Torrance soon. Having never been to the SD or Newport Beach locations, should I be excited? Any dishes you recommend? Thanks!


Go for breakfast/brunch. Expect big portions and some crazy combinations. The scrambles are pretty good, as are the chilaquiles. Try the maple bacon donuts at least once to decide if you like them or not. Don’t know if the Del Amo location will have the same type of decor, but in SD it’s kind of an updated retro-chic look and feel. I like Great Maple even if it does get noisy.


Going tomorrow morning.


One of my favorite breakfast places. I don’t like the donuts much, though.

One sleeper on their menu - the asparagus with poached egg.


I kind of have a love/hate with their donuts. I kinda liked the maple bacon donut the first time I had them, but the next few times I thought they were only so-so. And I usually think fried dough is pretty swell


I had the Beef Brisket hash, and David had the Pork Belly with eggs. Both dishes were excellent. The coffee was passable. The service was spot on. We will return.


Thanks for all the recs, everyone. It’ll be nice to finally have a good breakfast spot in this city, since large chains are what we mostly have right now.


On a semi related note, I went for lunch at the Newport Beach one a while ago and thought it was mediocre. I am not sure they serve breakfast/brunch but I was not impressed at all with the taste. But it might be worth a shot of breakfast and I dig the ambiance.