Great White (Venice): A Pictorial Essay


When you debut an open-air breakfast & lunch surf shack. serving (self-described) “Coastal-Californian” cuisine just a block from the beach in Venice, the location alone will likely draw enough business. The food doesn’t have to be good, and the place will probably succeed anyways, right?

But to my pleasant surprise, the food at Great White is good… Very good.

Nicely pulled caffeine…

Breakfast burrito, with scrambled eggs, tater tots, charred scallion, applewood smoked, bacon, Oaxacan cheese, chipotle aioli, roasted salsa … This is NOT one of those punch-you–in the-face burritos. Rather, it comes across as thoughtfully composed and meticulously prepared. The excellent salsa served on the side is just fine without being roasted, but yet the kitchen roasts it anyways, and the salsa rises to the next level when added to the burrito. Loaded with taste, this breakfast burrito is easily one of the best in the city right now. Not your typical beach shack fare.

Chuck Berry smoothie, with freshly squeezed OJ, berries, pineapple, toasted coconut… As good as it sounds!

Corn fritters, with poached egg, charred avocado salsa, fresh greens, tomato… Fried corn is becoming a “thing” in L.A., and Great White’s version is neither greasy nor underdone. I found the flavors in this breakfast dish to be well-balanced - A splendid example of the possibilities when the great produce of California is handled expertly.

This being Venice, and a locals’ haunt at that, the people-watching here was entertaining, to say the least. A vast array of human pulchritude was on display. All this makes the wait for the food (which was not excessive at all, mind you) quite bearable.


Great White
1604 Pacific Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90291


**googles "pulchritude"
now i know what it means! you learn something new on FTC everyday


“I have the best words.”


The fabled pulchritude of the multitudes who get their morning ritual victuals at Great White is courtesy of Aesop’s facials. This does seem like it could be a popular Australian brekkie place, too - not a bad thing at all! Go for the pulchritude, stay for the breakfast burrito?


Indeed, you would do well to stay for the breakfast burrito. It is quite a smartly composed, lighthearted kind of breakfast burrito, highly pleasant.

The corn fritters, however, may need to be fried a bit harder, perhaps salted a bit more. The $3 addition of grilled halloumi wedges greatly accents the dish and ought to be SOP on the plate.

Overall, a pleasant spot in Venice that is about a million times easier to walk into than most spots in the area for pretty excellent food.

Pro tip: ask for a bottle of their housemade hot sauce.


Probably dreaming, but any parking?


Yeah, they have an entire parking lot right in front of their space, although you have to pay for parking. You can also easily park about 3-4 blocks away in a neighborhood and walk over. Parking seemed super easy to me.


There’s your pro-tip right there.


I agree but most people have a severe aversion to walking more than about 20 feet to their restaurant, which they just drove a half hour to go to haha


I’m so glad you wrote that! In SF, NYC and other cities, 3-4 blocks is nothing. Work up your appetite.


One of the great joys of San Francisco is traipsing from restaurant to restaurant.

A joy that is lost many Angelenos it seems.


Same with NYC. I’ve not ‘done’ Chicago yet but am hoping for the same.