GrubHub in San Diego


I’m laid up with a broken ankle for a few weeks. I’m wondering if anyone has used this delivery service, and if so, do you have any recommendations?


Sorry to hear about your ankle.

Tried DoorDash a few times but it was totally unreliable, food never came, etc. Sorry, hope someone else can be of more help.


Thanks for the info on Door Dash. We tried GrubHub in Portland while on vacation and it worked well, but I haven’t tried DoorDash–don’t think I will! Just glad someone is still looking at the San Diego posts LOL.


Yeah, it’s a ghost town here at SD FTC. Maybe you’d get more responses on Chowhound, although that’s pretty dead too, or some other online site. Hope you get some good eats while you recuperate.


GrubHub is ok. I would also look at UberEats.


Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any restaurants, on either service,
that you’ve been particularly satisfied with (order correct, food packages adequately)?


I’ve also had bad luck with DoorDash and no longer even try to use it. If you’re a Prime member, Amazon’s food delivery service is good.


We use GrubHub and Amazon, not had problems with either. we have noticed GrubHub appears to raise the menu prices in addition to the service fee. Also, the Amazon Whole Foods delivery is solid, you can also get prepared foods from them.

DoorDash is absolute garbage, used it 6 times and had problems 4 times so have since deleted the app.


Thanks so much for the responses. This might be the reason to spring for Amazon Prime.