Guilty Pleasures


To me Guilty Pleasures are foods you know you probably should NOT be eating… but some times you just can’t help yourself. Mine are the pastrami at The Hat, Pann’s Patty Melt and my once a year trip to the original Tommy’s. What does not kill you makes you stronger…


That Patty Melt looks SO wrong on SO many levels.


I gotta make it to Pann’s. How are the onion rings? I love me some good onion rings…


Thick, Fresh and darn good….


How could I forget Carney’s
(photo from LA Weekly)


@wienermobile, clearly you forgot the Chili Cheese Fries with Triple Bacon in the Tommy’s pic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reminder on these places LOL. I can’t go there too often.


Me not a huge fann of pann. Rings way better at hms bounty. Guilty pleasure = chicken cutlet curry at hurry curry.

Wiener- Carney’s chili dog, check.




Yes they are!!


Yeah, I am right there with you!! The Hat and Panns are two of mine as well.

I do not know how artery clogging this really is but its a guilty pleasure because I will drive a ways and end up gorging! Pizza at Grimaldis. I end up getting two, one plain ole cheese (pictured from my last trip) and a pepperoni mushroom.

The other guilty pleasure is Black Pastrami Reuben at Brent’s.


Pimpmaster I just love grimaldis too. Their 'roni is great. I add garlic. I can’t stop eating that and and tackle a large solo ez.


Yeah, I know you love that place too!

They use that spicy small Hormel pepperoni and cut it thick. God I love it!!


……and Stan’s Peanut Butter Donuts…


Oh and that Beer Belly Grilled Cheese too…with an egg on it.

photo from


Man I had a lot of those at Hurry Curry back when I lived walking distance from there. So it’s still (sinfully) good then, eh? Sweeeeet


Anything from Fab Hot Dogs. My go-to guilty pleasure is a spicy polish sausage Mexicali style – grilled onions, adobo sauce, guacamole, and sour cream – with a side of tater tots.


I once bought one of those, cut it in half and put a scoop (OK… 2 scoops) of Trader Joe’s vanilla ice cream in there. Didn’t make me feel guilty for even one second!


The onion rings take it way over the fucking top for me.

But that is the best patty melt in fucking town.

And that’s no fucking joke.


Thanks winter.

How could I ever forget fucking Stans resses peanut butter pocket donuts.

I devoured one and then a glazed a couple weeks back after Cajun shrimp and fries from the fucking boiling point.

And the grease they use doesn’t seem to fuck up my stomach.


Those cheeses fries are beyond fucking disgusting.