Gus Fried Chicken reports? (Crenshaw and Pico)


Honey Kettle is very hit and miss, more times than not for me, it’s a miss. Also, it’s way overcooked, dry as the Sahara desert. And those prices…


Hi @js76wisco,

I’d agree with @Luluthemagnificent: Honey’s Kettle has been hit or miss for me as well.

When they were good, no, Gus’s isn’t like that. I’d say Jim Dandy’s is much better when they are on their game as well.


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Had gus’ chicken today. Got the two piece dark outside was crunchy but not overly battered with a little spice (not spicy but more just flavor) and juicy and moist on the inside. Definitely delicious but a tad pricey, 6.20for two pieces drum and thigh.

Didn’t bother with the sides as others have said they’re meh. Got the worst piece of wonder bread I’ve ever tasted it was stale and hard,


Alex, What is “The description of a one-star love hotel in Mogadishu”?..


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the worst piece of wonder bread I’ve ever tasted
[/quote] Wonder bread… Yep, old school.


Just tried this chicken. It was delicious. the only thing that might keep me away is the spice. I like the spice, but my body doesn’t. Very fresh, they messed up my order and gave the other order free. The thigh was small, the breast was big though. The price was steep, $9 for a breast and thigh, no sides.


Thanks for the report. We hit it last weekend. For the most part we feel the same but interestingly enough, we didn’t feel the same way about the heaviness. Afterwards we were commenting that we thought it was pretty light and not greasy. We each had four pieces of dark and split an order of the fried okra, no other sides or bread. A fair amount of fried food with no palate cleanser.

For context, we were regular visitors to Flossies, regulars to Pann’s and hit Ray’s a few times when they were a truck at Alibi Room and we could just walk over with no lines.

Overall, I liked them but they didn’t hold up to my taste memory of my Memphis visit when I ate at that outpost twice. I remember the seasoning being better balanced, the meat a little juicer and the crust a little crunchier. Also the pieces seemed a bit on the small side. Although the table next to us ordered the 3 piece white and the breast pieces were huge.

My wife is the okra fan in the family and she liked their take. Light crisp coating, firm good texture inside, none of the mushiness or sliminess that makes a bad fried okra.

Our 8 piece dark order

The okra

Chess pie

Sweet Potato pie


Mine wasn’t greasy or heavy either…heavy on the wallet though,:slight_smile:


Yeah, $23.50 for 8 pieces with no sides or bread in a no frills setting is on the steep side.


We went Sunday and felt the same about the chicken as well. We ordered a dozenn pieces, fried okra and fried pickles. Oh yeah - greens too.

Chicken was moist in general. The breast was moist in the thicker areas; a little dry toward the tips. The flavor was fine - a little salty. Spice level was fine - I think only people who can’t tolerate spicy would find the chicken to spicy.

Same on the okra. Fried pickles are spears - not chips. Those were okay but hotter than heck straight out of the frier. As mentioned earlier about the greens - eh.


Hi @bulavinaka,

Cool. Have you been to Howlin’ Ray’s yet? Hope you get a chance to try that great Fried Chicken. :slight_smile:


Howlin’ Ray’s is next. I showed the family the pix from your post. Their response? A simultaneous “OH MY GOD!!!”


ok I might lose all credibility on this forum with this, but I recently tried the friend chicken at the Vons on Sunset and Virgil and thought it was surprisingly good. Much better than your average fast food friend chickens and at $5 for 8 pieces on Fridays, the QPR is off the charts.


We had Gus’s today. I was going to write a review. But really, @Chowseeker1999, @ipsedixit’s (slightly better than fast food) and others opinions, pretty much summed it up for us. My husband said it kinda’ reminded him of a spicy version of the original Golden Bird, but not as good. He also said he likes my fried chicken better. He’s biased :hugging:… But I think it has to do with the quality of the chicken to start with.

It was tasty and I would eat it again. But definitely not crave worthy. Still looking forward to Howlin’ Ray’s!


visually, it really doesn’t look all that appetizing.


Yep… And what’s with the styrofoam? Lame.


I was there yesterday too. I also describe it to friends as spicy Golden Bird. To me it’s definately better than golden bird just because of how the chicken is cooked juicy and it’s fresh. However, I will not be going back often as it is TOO EXPENSIVE. I got the 4pc dinner with fries, $18 gotdamn dollars! f.u.c.k that. I’ll just go to lousiana fried chicken when it’s busy, hope I get some fresh chicken and get 8 pieces for $10. Also, it was just a handful of fries that weren’t that good.

PS, when can I come over and try some of your fried chicken? :slight_smile:

I wish I knew how to fry it using a batter. Mine is boring ole flour. It’s delish tho…


Hi @Luluthemagnificent -

LOL true. My husband was talking Golden Bird “back in the day”. He said Louisiana Fried Chicken too. See what good marketing and press will do. Because Gus’s is probably the same quality of chicken as the fast food places. I don’t see anywhere that’s it’s no antibiotic & free-range. We also thought it was outrageously expensive. I think ours was $39. for 2 three piece all-white meat plates + mediocre chess pie.

Was it super crowded when you were there?

You’re welcome anytime. But mine is boring ole flour too… delish tho. I’ll post it on The What’s Cooking thread soon. I tried to find a similar Golden Bird recipe on the internet. Didn’t find much, except one lady uses a blow dryer to make chicken completely dry to prevent steaming, then uses a beer batter like fish & chips.

Happy eating!