Gus Fried Chicken reports? (Crenshaw and Pico)


no, it wasn’t super crowded, but it was busy. I think I went around 2:30. was going to go to howlin rays, but didn’t feel like driving.

What tha? lol


I know :smile:. Funny, right?


Hit Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken the other day and have to agree it’s good not great.

We started with the fried green tomatoes, which may have been the highlight of the meal for me.

My three pieces of dark-meat chicken were tender and freshly fried but a little on the small side. I would definitely order three pieces minimum if you have a healthy appetite. I liked that the crisp coating was fairly light but there was a sleight “shatter batter” issue with one of my pieces.

I was pushing for us to order just chicken, but others wanted plates, so I got one too. I actually enjoyed my baked beans and cole slaw, but I have a weakness for (some) mass produced sides, which these definitely were.

I think @TheCookie nailed with the “tasty but not crave worthy” comment. It’s certainly not on the level of Howlin’ Ray’s.


BRod just gave Gus’s a very positive review in LA Weekly. She seems to like it even better than Howlin’ Ray’s but I have to disagree. Gus’s is good but even the mild chicken at Howlin’ Ray’s is on another level.


Hi @Bigmouth,

I agree with you. That writer was more conplaining about the lines at Howlin’s. Gus’s isn’t even in the same class as Howlin’s, but everyone has their own opinion.


after all that she gave it

2 stars!


I wonder if brod has even tried howlin rays, there’s nothing in the review that says she has, she just mentions how long the lines are.


We gave it another shot the other day. The meat was so overcooked, it was criminal. The thighs were stringy, almost like jerky. The breasts were dry. The coating did adhere to the skin well. But that’s probably because there isn’t much coating to begin with… or skin for that matter, weird. Fried chicken is a passion of mine :grin:. I really want to love this place. It’s 5 minutes from my home. But… no.


[quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:49, topic:3587”]
but everyone has their own opinion.
[/quote]True. But I’m not buying it.


People are entitled to their opinions even if it’s wrong, not sure how anyone can prefer Gus over HR.


I think that’s what rubbed me the wrong way. She seemed to imply the people who like Howlin’ Ray’s are just attracted to the “sport” of waiting in line and the “competition” of who can stand the most heat. But the reality is it’s all about the chicken.


Bummer! I tried Gus’s for the first time today and was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought the chicken was pretty good and enjoyed the sides (beans/mac&cheese/fried pickles especially). Plus everyone there was in such high spirits. Really made it enjoyable, even though I was just grabbing to go. Sounds like consistency is an issue?

Although, I also wholeheartedly agree with others in this thread that it is no where near Howlin’ Rays. Not even close, for me. But still good, and I can see myself going back to Gus’s. Basically, ditto what you & @Bigmouth have already said - “tasty but not crave worthy.”


[quote=“President_Mochi, post:56, topic:3587”]
Plus everyone there was in such high spirits. Really made it enjoyable, even though I was just grabbing to go.
[/quote]Now that part I agree with :relaxed:.

Yes, it has crossed my mind that we’re catching them on bad days. But 2 not good experiences is enough for me… bummer.


I was pretty happy with Burbank. Based on my sample size of 1 visit to Gus and 2 visits to HR, I’d actually rather go back to Gus. The entire package was just more enjoyable - and by that I mean I was able to leave work, eat, and come back in 75 minutes.

Re: spice levels
I felt nothing but my coworker said it was at the edge of his limit. For reference, I tapped out 1 level below Howlin’ and he taps out at real thai mild.


Gus’ has a Monday special that is 4 legs for like 8 bucks with two sides. Even though I love the chicken at Gus’, most of the time I find it way too expensive. But that special sure helps!


I’ve heard that a lot but a 2 piece white w/ 2 sides was $11 and a half chicken was $15. In the grand scheme of sit-down fried chicken that seemed reasonable to me.


I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, plus the two piece white is a breast and a wing… and gus’ is kind of a sit down/order at the counter hybrid. At the Arlington location I ordered at the counter and at the Burbank location I had a server both were eat in.

But I still do love the chicken there!


They do 12 wings for 30 bucks. I thought they were quite tasty and not over salty at all - definitely going on the regular rotation. Thanks to whoever mentioned that deal.

The Burbank pro-play for me is hot wings from Gus and some corn tamales from Guisados.

I certainly prefer Gus over Howlin Ray X-Hot. Need to try HR at some of the more normal spice levels next time. But @Gus I can call in an order, pick up until 9pm, AND they have a free parking lot, so there’s that.


Are they the full wings (i.e., drumette and pin) like Howlin’ Ray’s?


yes, they are full 3 pc wings which makes the QPR not terrible.