Gus Fried Chicken reports? (Crenshaw and Pico)


Good to know. I was picturing 12 drummettes for $30 and it was pissing me off.


Howlin Rays 12 wing box is great in mild spice. Wait sucks though.


this is such a huge barrier I can’t even put it into words. I’m willing to take 90% of the quality for 200% of the convenience.


How much at HR’s? Can you call and pickup at HR’s?


Only before opening and above a certain $$$ threshold.


If you’re asking the big birthday order, Howlin’ Ray’s isn’t the place you want.


I hear you, but these damn wings are huge, like two wings is a good amount of chicken. And they are tasty AF and stay relatively crispy. If I go to Howlin Rays in the future, I am for sure getting lunch and buying a 12 pack of wings for the road. It is such a good deal considering the size of the wings.


I don’t consider 3 hours and $32 great QPR for 12 wings.

Have I mentioned how much I hate that wait? lol


This is pretty much how I feel. Love HR but that line is a non-starter for me. Heck, I can get Gus served to me in about 20 mins and I’m sitting in a comfortable setting while waiting. HR is 90+ mins at least? Even if you say Gus is at 75-80%, the bar is high enough that Gus is still pretty darn good to me.

We should put together a FTC order. There’s enough of us to get a substantial order and we all don’t have to stand in line.


You know what’s good QPR with no wait? Angry Chicken couple of doors down from Gus. Are they in the same league as HR or Gus? of course not. But they’re still darn tasty and you can do a bang bang of Gus’s Monday special and any of Angry Chicken’s selections.


Having done the preorder thing AND waited in that long ass line, you lose a lot of the magic w/ preorders IMO. I wouldn’t pay money for that again.


Was the quality not as good?


Nope. I mean you’re getting what is in essence heat lamp chicken after the skin has softened in the box. Sure you can toast it later but…

The situation is even worse with the sandwich due to the various temperatures of the contents as well as the moisture content of the slaw.


No, I am not. Was just curious.


I haven’t tried the wings at Gus’s, but have tried dark meat chicken at both. IMO, Gus’s is maybe 50% of the quality of Howlin’ Ray’s. I would be willing to wait half an hour for Gus’s, whereas I would wait an hour or more for Howlin’ Ray’s.


I guess the point is Gus (Burbank) is a 0 wait all the time AFAIK, with free parking.


What’s the monday special again?


4 drumsticks with two sides for 8 bucks


Stoped by and got the 8 piece dark all thighs to share with my son. At $26 a bit pricy. Really good. Hot, tender, nice batter and a slight kick. 3 thighs were plenty so it will be cold chicken left overs tomorrow. If taking out, call in advance as it took about 20 minutes after I placed the order and it was not crowded. I will go back for sure.


I had it a few weeks ago, it was damn good. The sides were meh though. Would definitely order again.