Gus Fried Chicken reports? (Crenshaw and Pico)


Perhaps you had a bad batch? I don’t recall its being especially salty when I’ve gone.


Agreed, possibly give it another try been to a couple different locations for Gus’ never had an anything but fresh, hot, crispy ,and well seasoned fried chicken.


Yep! I’m pretty sensitive to salt and the couple of times I’ve had it wasn’t anything that was off putting.



They have updated their menu, mostly the prices and the specials.


Pasta Sister’s is only a few blocks north, so…


Oh did they open up a new location on Glenoaks?


So as I was eating delicious chicken last night I couldn’t help but think to myself “man, this is definitely not a low sodium meal”. I can certainly see how some people view this as too salty.


this is what’s been keeping me from going…but I still think I’ll give it a shot in the near future.