Hanjip now AYCE - wondering/doubting that it's decent


I was thinking of going but when I looked at their website i saw it has changed to AYCE. I thought it was pretty decent as an ala carte place (not as good as Ktown, but not as far from me).
Wondering if anyone here has tried the new AYCE format…


I have. It’s fine if you’re in the neighborhood. The banchan is not very interesting, nor generous. The service is about what you expect in Culver City. There are no Korean people in the kitchen or on the floor. Take that as you will.


That whole 120 minute rule takes mucho away from the AYCE experience.


Hi, CiaoBob
Hanjip was AYCE for Dine LA. The service was friendly, but rather spotty. The quality of the meats was good as AYCE goes, tho the banchan was quite mediocre.




And there wasn’t a wet eye in the house.