Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


Haven’t been in a while but Take a Bao in Studio City has a nice happy hour.

$2 - $3 off drink and, the Bao’s are $1 less each.


And, just went there, New Moon in Montrose has a great, 7 day a week happy hour. (Link and list pasted in below.)

Original Chicken Salad $3.50

Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp (4pc) $4.50

Grilled Peppered Chicken Skewers (3pc) $ 4

Jumbo New York Style Egg Roll $ 3.25

Chicken Pot Stickers (4pc) $ 3.75

Vegetable Pot Stickers (4pc) $ 3.25

Chicken Shiew Mai (3pc) $ 3.75

Shrimp Rangoon (3pc) $ 3.75

Mandarin Tofu (4pc) $ 3.50

Wally’s Grilled Shrimp $ 6.00

Chinese Fried Calamari $ 5.00

Cha Shu (Barbeque Pork) $ 4.75

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs $ 4.75

Spicy Szechuan Wings (4pc) $ 4.50

Cantonese Mini Sliders (2pc) $ 4.50

*Choice of Chicken or BBQ Pork

BBQ Pork Wraps (4pc) $ 4.75

The calamari is excellent, as is the fried tofu. The jumbo NY style egg roll - more than decent! (Didn’t have it our last time there, but have had it, and remember I enjoyed it.)


FIG in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica has a happy hour Tuesday-Saturday from 5-6pm. All booze and most food is 50% off. (I think pizzas and steaks are excluded.) Valet is free for 2 hours.


+1 for EMC happy hour (stick to the raw bar—I wasn’t impressed with their other offerings).

Other K-town HHs that I’ve enjoyed:
Beer Belly: $5 drafts and deals on fries and wings
Escala: deals on epanadas, wings, tamales, carne asada sliders (and a couple other nibbles that I can’t remember at this moment), beer & wine.


Horses Mouth also has $1 oysters during Happy Hour. And also in Koreatown.


is this the new place that just opened a couple of doors up from Beer Belly (in the former coffee place)? If so, how’s the non-HH food? (if you’ve tried it)



Overall, I think it’s pretty good. Some highs and lows, however, which I attribute to a new endeavor.

Lobster roll - Fantastic; housemade roll, crunchy and pillowy inside, perfect vehicle for the lobster meat, just wish it was bigger; more like lobster sliders than roll

Duck pancake - dry duck, good crepe-like tortilla, would’ve been tempted to wrap the tortilla with the duck meat

Curry mussels - might be a good get for those who don’t like the brininess of mussels b/c the curry is overpowering, but it is pretty good curry

Burger - good beefy flavor, nice bacon jam, perfect beer food


I’ve noticed anytime I order $1 oysters somewhere, they are Mexican oysters, of which I’m not a fan.

Anyone found any oyster happy hours with non-Mexican oysters?


if you want mussels for happy hour, i suggest the mussels that they serve at the front bar at Wilshire restaurant at wilshire and chelsea.

fwiw, happy hour goes on til closing’ iirc


[quote=“Bookwich, post:27, topic:4257, full:true”]
I’ve noticed anytime I order $1 oysters somewhere, they are Mexican oysters, of which I’m not a fan.

Anyone found any oyster happy hours with non-Mexican oysters?
[/quote]Nope. And I normally agree with you on this point. But if a place goes the extra mile, they can find a good Mexican oyster for your enjoyment. Here’s a HH report I did during DOTM Cold Foods.


Wow – are those HH dishes as great as they look?


Thanks @CeleryVictor -

Rascal’s burger was as tasty & juicy as it looks. The chicken was salty, but otherwise quite good for boneless fried chicken. We could not stop eating the short rib tater tots! My only complaint is - and some won’t think this is a complaint - there isn’t much light fare. The food is not skimpy HH food. Very good value.

I’m not up on beers & ales. But they appear to have a good selection.

Rascal won’t win any awards. But this is definitely a good neighborhood spot.


@TheCookie Okay, those I would eat! It’s when they look confused when you ask where the oysters are from and you get an “Ummm… Mexico?” that I hesitate. :wink:


Barbrix has $1 oysters all night on Mondays. They usually serve three different types and almost always are non mexican oysters.

Mess Hall also serves $1 oysters all night on Tuesdays and serve non mexican oysters.


Gawd, I haven’t been up there in ages. This group is sending me all over the place. Just in the past week I was in both East Hollywood and Gardena. Now I must go to Newport Beach and Los Feliz. And find a sardine bahn mi somewhere.


Anyone got a lead on a good japanese happy hour in torrance/gardena/long beach? Alternatively, something near Inglewood / Forum?


I just got an email from Beer Belly and they are changing their HH menu this weekend:

Our New Hoppy Hour (weekdays 3-7pm):

Bubba’s Mini Cheeseburger- 4oz beef patty, Frankenstein Ketchup, fries, house pickles, lettuce, tomato, American cheese

Mama’s Two Tacos- Volcano Chipotle chicken tacos, tomatillo salsa, Oaxacan and cheddar cheese, chives, and sour cream

Beer Belly Chicken Nuggets- Mini-version of our Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Choice of BBQ, Corn Aioli, or any Beer Belly wing sauce

Half Order Wings- Our famous wings, with your choice of sauce.

Chonions- Chicken skin fried onion rings. BBQ and Corn Aioli.


Thanks for the additional info! Definitely looks worth checking out


[quote=“Ns1, post:35, topic:4257”]
Alternatively, something near Inglewood / Forum?
[/quote]On this one, are you looking for Japanese, happy hour or just a bite & drinks?


Looking for japanese happy hour in torarnce/gardena/LB OR any happy hour near the forum (although I suppose the unicorn would be a japanese place with happy hour near the forum)


[quote=“Ns1, post:39, topic:4257”]
(although I suppose the unicorn would be a japanese place with happy hour near the forum)

Forum area is a bit of a culinary dead zone. Good breakfast places and a couple of good taco places, but that’s about it.

If it were me, I’d hit the Baldwin Hills / Crenshaw Mall area (not too far from forum). Check out Post & Beam (Chef Govind Armstrong), Mexicano (mentioned frequently on FTC), Harold & Bell’s (old-school creole).


The forum has a few restaurants inside. http://www.levyrestaurants.com/restaurants

Have fun. Be safe.