Happy Hour - the ultimate collection


A few that I enjoy…

Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater, 5-9pm Everyday, Classic cocktails. I like Tom Collins and Old Fashioned. Love the decor. The traffic on Los Feliz Blvd sucks.

The Prince in Koreatown, went here before a Kings game and from 4-8pm Everyday, 50% off all alcoholic drinks. Come on easily one of the best places to have a drink and some Korean Fried Chicken and Chicken Wings


Eagle Rock


No food photos, but I stopped by AR Cucina after the farmers’ market yesterday. I liked it. The salad, breads, and potato chips were good. Glasses of wine, draft beer and cocktails are all 1/2 off. I like the vibe of the place much more than Sambal. Although they didn’t change the interior much, the vibe is warmer and more inviting.

Downtown Culver City



That’s the happy hour menu? How high are their normal prices if that’s the happy hour prices?


We’ve been going to Cat & Fiddle because the bar has a proper happy hour feel that east coasters are used to…


I don’t know. It’s my first time there.


So glad that place is hangin’ in there.


Not sure what you mean. They just recently moved to the location I’m talking about on Highland.


Oh okay. They were on Sunset for years and there was some question about their future. Glad they found a spot.


oh yea… we were very excited when they moved to the old Mudhen Tavern spot close to us.




One of my favorite haunts is Clearman’s Steak N’ Stein in Pico Rivera minutes from the 605 freeway. Happy hour runs from 3/4PM until 7PM Monday through Friday.
It’s an eclectic place that’s super dark when you walk in. During the summer, they convert their fire pit into a weird fountain…but for much of the year…it’s a roaring fire pit. The place is decorated in ancient dark wood and red leather/pleather/velvet furniture. The walls are covered with stained glass and old paintings that you would find in an old European house…like I said, it’s eclectic and some would say kooky…but it totally adds to the character of the place…I really love it.
The bar area is managed by their old school bartenders who know how to make a solid classic drink (i.e. martini, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, et al). Most of the drinks are good…I don’t think I’ve had anything terrible. They tend to have a bit of a heavy hand, too…but that’s part of the charm. I like to sit on the couches closest to the fire pit because it’s the best seat in the house. The waitstaff quickly appear to take care of you. You can get the unlimited house salads and cheese bread for about $10. They bring out their red cabbage slaw, a green salad, a tray of 3 of their house made dressings (French, Sour cream and onion, and bleu cheese), and their addictive cheese bread. You can have them refill it as many times as you want. Throw in an order of $7 teriyaki steak tidbits, and that’s a fabulous dinner to me. There are plenty of other reasonably priced items but I stick to these two, My friends enjoy the calamari, the giant baked potato (with house made cheese sauce, sour cream and onion dressing, and butter) In an evening, I usually have 2-4 drinks while I eat. They have entertainment most Friday nights…we do our friends holiday get together here in December when they decorate it for Christmas.


Good description! Next time we’re visiting family in the area we’ll check it out.


Thanks, @TheCookie! It’s one of those stange places some friends introduced us to that we adore because it’s unconventional. It’s dark and some might call it a tad dingy, but it’s fun to do something a bit different every now and then.
Our kids love the cheese bread…in fact they went with my husband earlier this week while I was stuck at work and those suckers ate the cheese bread they brought home for me.
The restaurant is really a solid steakhouse that we visit on occasion when the mood for a terrific steak calls on us but we don’t want to drive too far from home. They are known to have some great bottle deals if you’re of the Silver Oak-Caymus type…I’ve seen bottles being sold for about $80…I’ve no idea how they manage that price when I see it in wine shops for more.



We’re fans of the quirky old-school spots… and cheese bread. I know everyone bemoans the food at Magic Castle, but I’m crazy for their cheese bread.

You know your wines!


Haha…we’ve been experimenting with wines for the past 6 years. The trips to Napa are particularly enlightening…we actually prefer smaller producers and are members at 3 different places up there. Silver Oak and Caymus are more recognizable to a lot of folks…I think I try them only once a year.


I’m definitely reaching out to you when we start our wine journey.


FYI, the Cannibal no longer sets out a big, gorgeous board of charcuterie for happy hour. Now all that is offered is a menu with chicken wings and a mini-hamburger, and I think a pretzel… Not even happy hour “sandwich of the day” anymore.

It’s pretty dismal. Death watch?


I believe Gwen in Hollywood is offering free charcuterie during their hh. Haven’t been but managed to snap a pic when I was eating lunch there the other day.


ugh, kept meaning to go to Cannibal for HH, sorry to hear this news.
My favorite HH right now is Charcoal. It’s incredible.