Hash brown waffles!


I bought a waffle iron recently and have been looking for things other than plain ole waffles. This is it!!!

What's cookin'?

Very cool idea



Be still my heart!!! I’m going to make that spaghetti. Would it be enabling for you to tell me I ‘need’ that cookbook??? :smile:


You ask somebody who has 700+ cookbooks if you need a new cookbook ? That’s like asking a catholic priest if he likes young boys.


Yay! We have a cookbook junky here folks. It’s the thread I miss from CH. There is a cookbook thread buried somewhere here on FTC. Maybe @honkman can revive it. I’d like to hear about your latest & favorites.

Waffle makers?

LOL! Get these behind me Satan :slight_smile: I only have maybe 50. Did a purge a couple of years ago.


And if you’ve actually cooked from them.


Just an fyi. I ordered the book :slight_smile: Already had a BBQ one in my Amazon cart so got free shipping. I ONLY go for free shipping.


Don’t we all buy for the free shipping ? Once our move to Boston is done soon I will also fill up again on cookbooks


MORE??? LOL. Go get 'em :slight_smile:


Second time making them; first photo. I’m not sure I want to eat potatoes any other way :slight_smile:


I added some minced red onion, butter, s&p, rpf. Heated the iron for a long time. Dark brown and spicy. Terrific. Sorry no photo.


Fixed a different version last night; no photo. Leftover mac n cheese with leftover baked potato. Just a good. I’m hooked!


Did you put the mac n cheese inside the baked potato waffle??

If so, similarly, this weekend I tried to convince a friend to put Lucky Charms in the pancakes we were making, but she was not having it.


I scooped the potato out of the shell and mixed it with the mac n cheese.


Um, oh thank you, this is brilliant. Really, I have never been able to get a consistent crispy-ness to hash browns, and the first time I tried in the waffle iron, crunchy perfection.


Ok , It’s time for me to try this . Makes sense . I have a old General Electric waffle maker with the chrome top . Makes those four waffles in one . Will make the waffle hash browns . Also got me thinking of you can turn the top and bottom plates over to the flat griddle side and possibly do the same making the hash browns. ( Makes a fabulous grilled cheese ) . I am going to experiment with the hash brown idea and also latkes .


Let us know! I’m sure hooked…and spreading the word elsewhere :slight_smile:


Pictures please. Oooh… Latkes too! Do you have a good recipe for those? My girlfriend makes great ones… Super savory & crispy. But she won’t give me the recipe.