Haunted Restaurants & Bars. . .Halloween Edition


I’ve seen my share of weird sh*t in restaurants and bars around the world.
For me, it hits me like a brick…sometimes, I’ll know while driving up or in the parking lot that the place is haunted…

So, my usual fave place in Tempe, Ninth & Ash…it was in full regalia with the spirits last week…
It’s an old house in a residential area across from ASU/Gammage that has a huge outside patio, classic bar with tables inside and then upstairs, the 2 bedrooms are turned into small, quaint dining areas…

While sipping my cocktail with my friends, I asked the waiter if he’s had any experiences with the 2 ‘Caspers’ upstairs?
He looked at me and said, you’ve seen them, haven’t you?

Yes, many times and they are strong spirits that will mess with you if you show any disrespect, which even with a few vodka cranberries, I always go up and say Hi…sometimes, liquid courage… :cocktail:
They moved some napkins, to let us know they were there and you could feel the weight of the room all the way down to the stairs area…

So, that is my Halloween story…do you have any good ghost stories?


This one is in my neck of the woods . http://www.hauntedbay.com/features/MBDistillery.shtml . Have not seen the blue lady , but lived in a house with ghosts . Happy Halloween ,


Moss ghost I hear, is a very active…
I bet you have some great stories living with :ghost: