Hayato - ROW DTLA


Now fully booked through August. Good for Chef Go, bad for us.


When we came in the other night, Chef mentioned he was fully committed for the first 3 weeks. Nice to see the initial stage working out so well for him…he’s such a great person.


New menu item at Hayato?
From their Instagram page.


I enjoy how informational Hayato’s posts are.


thanks for the heads up.


That’s one frowny face… And I won’t put up a fight for the eye.


Went last week and sadly no sighting of that Kabuto Ni but had plenty of awesome food regardless. I saw some pics floating around on Instagram but thought I’d share on this board anyways some of what I had that was different this time around:

The opening dish was Abalone with okra and fava beans in a sauce made of snapper bones and head (I think he called it ushijiru?). Big chunks of Abalone had so much flavor!

For the first soup course, was live Maine lobster with Matsutake mushroom. A really great dish, though I do miss that slippery Junsai…

Right after came grilled Hokkaido scallop with Aonori. The scallop was so sweet! And the Aonori added this nice crunchiness to it.

After that was this lovely dish, Dungeness crab and eggplant. I like that almost every dish seems to have some kind of protein paired with a vegetable.

For the rice dish, he used Kinmedai. I’ve only eaten this as sushi so it was awesome to try this in a different way. Pre-finish has some great coloring and the final product was delicious. Kind of wanted to just eat it all!

I think I saw in another thread that it appeared peach season was over so i was wondering what Hayato would do for his dessert course now. His answer was these amazing figs in yuzu jelly! I must admit I don’t think I’ve had figs before but this was a treat and I’m definitely thinking more about them now I’ve tried them here. Sooo good and that yuzu jelly! Yum.

I just focused here on the dishes with more significant changes. Most everything else was tweaked a bit one way or another, but delicious items like the Sabazushi, Nodoguro, and the Amadai Nabe were still present. Overall, just as good, if not better, than my first time here.


Looks delicious! I may sneak in for the Winter menu since there are still some Summer dishes on the Fall menu. Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great meal.


Looks scrumptious! Must…Resist…


can’t wait. going next Wed. My buddy went last friday and posted pics on his IG… looked sublime


kevin just posted pictures of the drink list.


Ha. Chef Brandon just told me there’s another new page of sake added to even that list.