Hedone (London)


10-course Carte Blanche menu and wines was maybe a bit too much for my first lunch after arriving in London…but there were some great bites. The Devon crab and the Scottish hand-dived scallops were truly great, probably the best dishes of my brief trip. Only one dish (the John Dory with green olive sauce) didn’t work, and the venison itself wasn’t as tender as I prefer. Wines were pretty smart and interestingly paired - e.g. an aged and slightly chenin blanc to match the hay hollandaise and Australian truffles vegetable dish.

Bluefin tuna tartlette, with avocado-lime cream

Foie gras dusted with beetroot, date puree - really nicely done

Dorset oyster with apple gelee, finger lime, fresh wasabi, and butterfly sorrel - the apple gelee looked like the oyster water, so you could eat this with a single spoonful

Hand-dived Scottish scallops (grilled indirectly in shell but with an almost sashimi texture), chef’s soy-sauce, kinome leaf, purple shiso - incredible product

Signature plankton royale with smoked eel gelee and ossetra caviar - like the warm ocean essence

Devonshire crab with velvet crab bouillon, apples, cress oil, lemon mayonnaise - incredible texture on the crab meat and great depth of the bouillon, best dish of the trip

Australian truffle supplement

Spring vegetables with hay hollandaise

Lobster with cauliflower cream, coconut emulsion, mitsuba, sesame

John Dory with green olive sauce, artichoke, pckled fennel - I quite disliked the sauce…

Sweetbreads with spring peas and woodear mushrooms - nicely done

Venison with jus, beets, and komatsuna

Saffron ice cream, matcha cake, grapefruit center on a freezing bowl

Caramel millefuille with cinnamon ice cream and quince curd - lovely but i was way too full by now


Love Hedone.