Heinz, the Company that Cares(TM)


Home cooking (home condimenting, really) is about to be made much less stressful, thanks to Heinz, a company that heard our struggles and took them to heart.

Or something.

Introducing MAYOCHUP : no longer will we need to open two condiments for that perfect blend of mayonnaise and ketchup to slather on anything and everything!


Thank God! I spend way too much of my life opening 2 separate containers and adding both items separately to my food. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all the time I can free up now!


I’m going to enroll in a crochet class, then create some seasonal-themed Mayochup cozies to brighten up the condiment shelf in anticipation of this glorious event!


MOVE OVER thousand island!!!


Isn’t this basically Salsa Golf?


Available in Germany for at least 20 years


When we were kids and my parents would make cocktail sauce for them to have with shrimp, they would make “pink sauce” for us. AKA “Mayochup” nowadays. I’ve recently made it for the grands. I’m all for ease but can’t see the use of one more condiment. But to each her own.