Help! Need a Caviar Purchasing Primer


Just had this pop-up elsewhere. You can see that even Petrossian runs the gamut. More expensive doesn’t have to mean better. Although I’ve certainly known people who think the more they pay for ANYTHING makes it better.


Why, why aren’t you two posting on Home Cooking? No pressure or anything. :slight_smile:


Er, are you joking? This IS Home Cooking :smile:


Hah, I mean their seemingly fabulous cooking skills!


Oh wait. I get it. You mean why aren’t they REGULARLY posting on HC? Sheesh. I agree. And I wonder how many others aren’t who ‘should’ be. I’ve learned so much from that board, here and on CH (back in the day).


Turns out, Browne trading is D&D’s caviar supplier.


I’m not as well versed in caviar as I’d like to be but I know the guys at BT if you need some help.


Sure, yeah I would like to know what their best bang for the buck / QPR caviars I should get from their list? So far I’ve only ordered the Imperial Gold Reserve.

Very expensive product to get versed in…


Does that mean that D&D supplies Browne or Browne supplies D&D? And without rereading does Browne import theirs from China?..Oops, just did a little search and it appears that D&D sources from a number of locations. Two I saw were Israel and the Mississippi River. Interesting.


Browne supplies D&D


Okay, so Browne sources from all over the world not just China. Got it. Thanks.


Here’s a different article from Petrossian.


I was thinking about you/this. Perhaps consider buying three different ones, at three different price ranges. And having a friend help you with a blind tasting. With caviar only, no accoutrements. Since it’s individual preference maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and find that you prefer a less expensive one.


Problem is … which 3?


Three different ones at three different price ranges. Just start somewhere. Don’t get paralyzed with indecision :slight_smile: And I probably wouldn’t spend more than $350 for the three of them. Call one of the suppliers and tell them what you’re thinking about. And DO NOT get all expensive ones :slight_smile: